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  • Ukrenergo has acceded to the Memorandum on Joint Anti-Corruption Actions in Ukraine

    Ukrenergo has acceded to the Memorandum on Joint Anti-Corruption Actions in Ukraine initiated by the UN Global Compact. On December 9, on the International Anti-Corruption Day, the document was signed by Maksym Yurkov, a member of the Management Board of NPC Ukrenergo.

    The event was another confirmation of Ukrenergo’s consistent and systematic work in the implementation of all components of the compliance function and corporate social responsibility policy, which are part of the Company’s Strategy, as well as compliance with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, recently signed by the Company.

    The participants have declared their intention to work together to prevent and combat corruption in Ukraine at all levels, to conduct their business honestly, transparently, and in full compliance with Ukrainian law, the principles of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, the International Anti-Corruption Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the Tenth Principle of the UN Global Compact on Corruption.

    The Memorandum also sets out the obligations of the signatories to promote transparency and anti-corruption in their business practices, as well as to introduce and maintain effective internal processes to prevent all manifestations of corruption: bribery, illegal lobbying of decisions, falsification of tenders, non-transparency of financial reporting and document flow, possible contributions to political campaigns, violations of labour and employment laws, non-compliance with waste management rules, etc.

    Among the signatories of the document, there are many representatives of relevant public organizations, large and small companies, and organizations working to prevent and combat corruption.

    We are pleased to join the initiative to unite the efforts of all those who, like Ukrenergo, are guided by the principle of “zero tolerance” to any manifestations of corruption in their internal activities and relationships with business partners and make real efforts to prevent and overcome it. We are ready to share our experience and open to new effective practices, said Maksym Yurkov.

    The memorandum is our first step aimed at uniting different stakeholders in the fight against corruption in Ukraine in the framework of the international programme “Collective Actions Against Corruption”. Over the next three years, we will become a platform for joint action in the field of anti-corruption, said UN Global Compact Ukraine Chief Executive Director Tatiana Sakharuk.

    Oleksandr Novikov, Chairman of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC), who was present at the signing of the Memorandum, emphasized the importance of partnership between the state and business and promoting joint anti-corruption ideas in Ukraine. He noted that the draft anti-corruption strategy developed by the NAPC together with business and public organizations has already passed the first reading. He also expressed hope that it would be voted by the parliament this year. 

    It is worth mentioning that according to the Tenth Principle of the UN Global Compact, business circles must counteract all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. As part of the work on the Tenth Principle, the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine has launched an initiative on anti-corruption collective action. The initiative aims to increase business integrity, improve transparency, and unite the private sector, government, and civil society in the fight against corruption.


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