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    Ukrenergo’s dispatchers have successfully tested the remote control of 220kV Berezan SS in Berezanka, Mykolaiv region. The remote control of 220kV Berezan SS equipment is being implemented within the framework of the project on substation automation and reliability of power supply systems, which involves the replacement of equipment and the implementation of automatic process control system (APCS) at all Ukrenergo’s substations. Five substations have already been automated – 750kV Kyivska SS, 330kV Pivnichna SS, 700kV Kakhovska SS, 330kV Kakhovska SS, and 220kV Berezan SS. The latter will be the first substation to implement the dispatchers’ remote control of the Regional Dispatch Centre (RDC).

    During the remote control testing of this substation, the RDC dispatchers decommissioned the T1 220/35/10kV transformer at 220kV Berezan SS and its 220kV breaker with disassembly of the circuit breaker, and grounding. They also performed a number of operational switches necessary for decommissioning of 220kV Trykhaty-Dobroslavska transmission line with a branch to 220kV Berezan. This was made possible due to the implementation of the project of equipment operational and technological trunk grids control from the dispatch points of NPC Ukrenergo and after the reconstruction of 220kV Berezan.

    During 2017-2018, a microSCADA automatic process control system (APCS) was installed at this substation. It controls all switching devices and allows remote control of the substation equipment. In addition, secure communication channels were set up to provide remote access.

     “Connecting Berezan SS to the remote control is a step towards the implementation of strategic goals of the company. Ukrenergo’s development strategy envisages increasing the efficiency of dispatch control by switching to a unified data collection system and APCS management, as well as the remote control of substation equipment from dispatch points. The main advantage is the increased efficiency due to reduced switching time achieved thanks to reducing the number of operations and absence of direct human involvement. At the same time, due to the fact that the employees are not situated near the switching devices, such switching is quite safe for life and health. This is the most important thing”, Director of Management of the IPS of Ukraine, Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo Vitaliy Zaichenko.

    Next year, Ukrenergo plans to connect the remote control of equipment at 330kV Kakhovska SS and 750kV Kakhovska SS. All subsequent substation reconstruction projects include full automation and remote control of substations.


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