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  • Ukrenergo certified Power Unit No. 2 at Zaporizhzhia NPP for participation in the ancillary services market

    On 22 June, NPC Ukrenergo provided Zaporizhzhia NPP of NNEGC Energoatom with the Certificate of conformity of its electrical installations (Unit No. 2) to the requirements for ancillary services (AS) and included the plant in the Register of units providing AS. The certificates for ZNPP were issued in the part of frequency containment reserves (FCR) with a volume of ±20 MW.

    ZNPP became the first nuclear power plant to receive the right to provide AS in the trade zone of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine.

    The participation of Zaporizhzhia NPP in the market of ancillary services will help to increase the reliability of Ukraine’s power system and increase competition among suppliers of ancillary services. At the same time, ensuring sufficient volumes of FCR is one of the key requirements for the synchronisation of the IPS of Ukraine with the European continental network.

    Frequency containment reserves (FCR) belong to the automatic reserves that work very quickly (up to 30 s) in case of minimal frequency deviation without a dispatcher’s command. They are used to stop the change in electric current frequency in the power system and prevent emergency values ​​of such changes.

    It is worth noting that Ukrainian NPPs are designed to operate in the basic mode. They are not able to quickly change the generating power by a significant amount, so they are not designed for manoeuvring. At the same time, the turbine electro-hydraulic control system (EHCS) at the NPP unit allows increasing or decreasing its speed and change the generating capacity within ±2% (20 MW) from the nominal value (1000 MW) in a short time. Such changes are safe and do not contradict the rules of nuclear safety and operation of NPPs in general.

    Within the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine, 17 power plants can provide AS to the power system, of which 6 can provide FCR. The total amount of certified FCR is ±197 MW, automatic frequency restoration reserves (FRR) amount to 1649 MW (±913 MW), manual FRR amount to 4065 MW (-4014 MW) and replacement reserves (RR) are equal to 4808 MW.


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