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  • Ukrenergo became a member of the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine

    NPC Ukrenergo became an associate member of the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine (PAEU). The association is one of the leading platforms, uniting the best Ukrainian experience in the field of environmental protection.

    PAEU brings together more than 7000 specialists in the field of ecology and environmental protection, including professional environmental practitioners, eco-managers, scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, policymakers and activists.

    The main tasks of this professional community include, inter alia, expert environmental assessment and audit aimed to improve the environmental performance of enterprises, assistance in greening business processes and projects, exchange of experience, adaptation and scaling of initiatives in the field of ecology and sustainable development.

    Participation in the Association provides Ukrenergo with the opportunity to:

    • receive independent expert advice on eco-modernisation, environmental protection and environmental impact, waste management, etc.;
    • consolidate efforts and positions, enlist the support of community members in the development of laws and other regulations to improve environmental legislation in Ukraine;
    • receive professional support for Ukrenergo’s interests while communicating with the authorities, various institutions and organisations, as well as preparing for environmental inspections and audits;
    • participate in specialised training programmes and events (lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, etc.) for the company’s ecologists, employees responsible for environmental activities and other specialists related to the company’s environmental safety;
    • interact within the Association with national and foreign public organisations and international non-governmental organisations in the field of ecology and sustainable development.

    NPC Ukrenergo’s accession to the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine evidences the company’s systemic approach to environmental activities and focus on sustainable development as a key element of corporate strategy on the part of the leading national professional community of environmental experts.

    It is to be recalled that last year, NPC Ukrenergo received the All-Ukrainian Eco-Transformation Award, organised by PAEU, for the systemic implementation of the 12th Sustainable Development Goal “Sustainable Consumption.” These awards are granted in Ukraine to those companies, organisations, associations and activists, who have introduced the best practices during the year to reduce the negative impact on the environment.


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