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  • Ukrenergo and Hungary’s TSO MAVIR for the first time signed an emergency energy exchange agreement

    NPC Ukrenergo and MAVIR ZRt., Hungary’s Transmission System Operator (TSO), for the first time signed an emergency energy exchange agreement. It will enable both TSOs to exchange electricity between their Load Frequency Control Areas to prevent or recover emergencies in the power systems.

    The conclusion of emergency energy exchange agreements between neighbouring TSOs is stipulated by ENTSO-E’s general rules for the creation of additional reserve mechanisms. These measures will enhance the functional reliability of power systems in conditions of the parallel operation of Burshtynska TPP Island with the energy association ENTSO-E. The emergency energy exchange from neighbouring countries is provided in cases when the measures taken and the available reserves are insufficient to eliminate threats or avoid limitations in the energy supply to consumers.

    The agreement between NPC Ukrenergo and MAVIR establishes the conditions for emergency energy exchange and the activation procedure. In particular, the maximum capacity of such emergency energy exchange reaches 200 MW. Such value of the emergency energy exchange can be increased above 200 MW by mutual consent of the Parties, provided there are adequate technical capabilities, available reserves, and available interconnector capacities between areas. The capacity for emergency energy exchange is not reserved in advance.  

    Over the past few years, NPC Ukrenergo and MAVIR have jointly implemented a number of initiatives important for the security of energy supply. In particular, the projects of bringing 750 kV Overhead Line (OHL) Zakhidnoukrainska — Albertirsa and 400 kV OHL Mukacheve — Sajószöged to the new 750/400 kV Szabolcsbáka Substation built by Hungary’s TSO on the Hungarian side, replacement of current transformers at Mukacheve Substation by NPC Ukrenergo, organization of communication channels and upgrade of communications equipment, concluding the operational agreement in accordance with ENTSO-E’s new rules.

    It will be recalled that in August 2019, Ukrenergo signed an agreement  on emergency energy exchange with PSE, Polish TSO.


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