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    NPC Ukrenergo and Hungarian transmission system operator MAVIR signed new Operational Agreement on system and grid management.  The document establishes rules and requirements for interactions between the TSOs in synchronous operation of the two power systems.

    The new agreement was signed to reflect the following changes in the wording:

    • Changes in Hungarian grid topology in 2019. To improve the reliability of supply and reduce losses in the grid, TSO MAVIR has built new 750/400 kV substation Sabolchbaka near the Ukrainian border and connected to it cross-border overhead power lines: OHL 750 kV Zakhidnoukrainska-Albertirsa and OHL 400 kV Mukachevo-Shayosehed.
    • New requirements of the EU legislation following entry into force of the new ENTSO-E grid codes and ENTSO-E TSOs signing the Framework agreement on grid management. These documents outline new standards and requirements to the synchronous operation of regulation areas and the procedure of interactions between TSOs.
    • Changes in the two companies since signing of the previous exploitation agreement, such as recent corporatisation of Ukrenergo, which has become a Private Joint-Stock Company (PrJSC) with 100% state ownership.

    «The new Operational Agreement between Ukrenergo and MAVIR not only brings the arrangements between parties in compliance with the new rules of the EU and ENTSO-E. It also enabled to put into service since the 1st of September cross-border OHL 400 kV Mukachevo-Sabolchbaka that was disconnected for the time of maintenance related to the change in topology of the Hungarian grid. It is expected to put into service the second line 750 kV Zakhidnoukrayinska-Sabolchbaka since mid-October. The new Operational Agreement will also facilitate both the improvement of conditions for synchronous work of Burshynska TPP Island with the Hungarian power system and strengthening relations between our companies” — noted the Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo Vitalii Zaichenko.

    Photo 1 – Ukrenergo’s Chief Dispatcher Vitalii Zaichenko (on the left) and the head of the department for operational and dispatching work Serhii Fandul (on the right).

    Photo 2 – Director for system operations of MAVIR Mr.ALFÖLDI Gábor (on the right) and the Chairman of the Hungarian National Dispatching Center (MLINKÓ Csaba) (on the left).


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