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    Ukrenergo and Elia Grid International held a kick-off meeting of the project for reorganisation (re-engineering) of the dispatch control function as part of preparation activities for the integration of the Ukrainian grid into ENTSO-E, with due regard to the conditions of the new electricity market.

    The project is being implemented within the framework of the consultancy contract signed in July. Its purpose is to develop internal business processes projects in accordance with the ENTSO-E standards and to create a roadmap for their implementation, to analyse the impact of the new market model on the Ukrainian grid and to make recommendations for necessary changes in the dispatch control of the grid.

    At the inaugural meeting, the parties discussed the goals, milestones, and approaches to the project implementation, etc. The project will elaborate questions and recommendations to improve the methodology for calculating the available Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) of interstate transmission lines in order to improve the use of export-import capabilities of interconnectors. Advice will be offered on how to improve internal processes within the dispatching structure.

    Elia Grid International experts will share their experience on how data is exchanged between TSOs within ENTSO-E, as well as between the TSOs and their Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs), companies that coordinate TSOs’ operational activities in the region in terms of ensuring the grid’s operational security. Regional security coordinators are in charge of creating a common model of the region’s network, transfer capacity calculation, security analysis according to operational planning, shutdown schedule coordination, generation adequacy assessment.

    The project of reorganisation of the dispatching function is financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The cost of the project is just under 812 thousand euros, with the deadline for providing services until the end of 2020.


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