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  • TSO News 11 — 25 February

    Today Ukrenergo presents to the readers of energy news a new product — TSO-NEWS.

    This is a biweekly news digest from international TSOs (transmission system operators). In it, we will talk about how they work, what makes them tick, how they build relationships with other energy market players, as well as about new developments in technology and management, and other exciting goings-on from the world TSOs. In the first issue of TSO-NEWS, read on why Red Eléctrica, Spanish TSO, is expanding the infrastructure component of its business; why Belgian Elia’s top manager prompts people to tackle climate change, and what’s the secret of success of the US TSO MISO in building cooperation with local communities, and more news from world TSOs.

    1. Red Eléctrica to become a satellite infrastructure operator

    Spanish TSO Red Eléctrica has acquired 89.68% stake in Hispasat, a satellite infrastructure operator, for €949 million.

    This reasoning behind this move is that the management of electricity transmission, fiber optic networks and satellites is a strategic step in establishing Red Eléctrica as an innovative infrastructure operator at the international level.

    Hispasat ranks first in the volume of the satellite infrastructure market in Spain and Portugal, fourth in Latin America and eighth in the world. The company owns 7 satellites that cover Europe and the Americas, broadcasting over 1250 television and radio channels.


    1. TSO Elia’s CEO becomes the face of the campaign for climate change

    Ukrenergo’s partner, a Belgian TSO Elia Group, supports Belgium’s most large-scale climate initiative “Sign for my future”. It aims to collect as many petition signatures as possible so that the next federal and regional governments implement an ambitious climate policy in line with the Paris Agreement commitments. The ultimate goal is to transform Belgium into a carbon neutral economy. The campaign will run from February to 26 May 2019 – election day. Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia, is one of campaign’s 100 ambassadors.


    1. Interaction and community assistance are the secrets of success of MISO, the US operator

    Midcontinent Independent System Operator, operating in 15 US states and one Canadian province, shares the secrets to its success in the 2018 Community Impact Report:

    • Since 2007, the Company’s employees have managed to raise more than $1 million for the critically ill
    • In 2018, over 500 employees spent more than 3,000 hours helping communities, working to improve public places and buildings
    • MISO’s top management is actively promoting the career in the energy sector in local educational establishments
    • The company has a Diversification and Engagement Council, whose mission is creating an effective team, skilled staff retention and employment of national and ethnic minorities.
    • The company implements the Supplier Diversity Enterprise Program through involvement of businesses owned by national minorities, women and start-ups


    1. South Africa starts unbundling of a large state-owned energy holding in

    Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the South African Republic, announced cancellation of privatization plans for the vertically integrated state-owned power utility Eskom. Instead, the company will be split into three separate state enterprises for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The unbundling may help Eskom solve financial troubles and increase its investment attractiveness. This decision was taken in response to the pressure from trade unions caused by rumors of mass staff layoffs after privatization. At the moment, it is about restructuring the company and retraining the staff. In relation to the latter, the South African president sees significant potential in development of renewables with estimated over 114 thousand new jobs.

    SAR is Africa’s second-largest economy, with $349.42 billion GDP in 2017.


    1. The French TSO RTE reports reduced carbon emissions.

    Ukrenergo’s long-time partner, France’s TSO RTE, reported that due to electricity generation in 2018 CO₂ emissions in France decreased by 28%. Here are other interesting facts about energy developments in France:

    • Rapid growth in electricity generation over the past 10 years (+3.7% compared to 2017)
    • Increase in nuclear generation by 14 TWh (+3.7%) compared to 2017
    • Dynamic renewable generation (+21.9% compared to 2017)
    • Consumption remains stable (474 TWh) for the sixth year straight
    • France, Europe’s largest exporter of electricity in 2018: 86.3 TWh exported



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