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    The joint fire-training was organized in South-Western PS together with the employees of the power system, regional and dispatching unit of the South-Western district as well as the fire and rescue divisions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

    A conventional fire was simulated in the engineering and laboratory unit #1 and in the communication unit (accumulator room). As well the employees practiced to perfection the actions to follow in cases of inflammation, fire extinguishing and liquidation together with firefighter divisions.

    So, how was it going on?

    The engineer of the communication unit found there was a dense smoke coming from the premises. He immediately reported to the head of the group and head of the department which in his turn reported to the head of the fire extinguishing division and the duty dispatchers of the regional distribution unit.


    Right after coming at site the head of the fire extinguishing division ordered the volunteer fire brigades to gather and provided the fire brigade with site location. He also ordered to cut the power in the accumulator room and to turn on the fire alarm system as well as to start evacuation of people. The evacuation was carried out in the yard of the power system.

    Meanwhile, the volunteer fire brigades localized fire until coming of the fire brigade by means of the fire extinguishers and assembling hose lines from the fire hydrant to the premises with fire. The fire brigades came in 4 minutes and immediately started to liquidate fire.

    Head of the fire training within power system along with the head of the fire and rescue division organized the fire extinguishing headquarters to practice on joint actions in cases of fire.

    However, in course of liquidation there stands a strong smoke in the premises of the 1st unit which hampers the evacuation of people via staircase. The decision was made to evacuate people from the window of the 3rd floor, unit #1. Using special fire ladder the evacuation of people was successfully carried out.

    At the end of the fire training all actions aimed at elimination of fire were analyzed. Yurii Taranovskii, Head of the labour protection department at the South-Western PS thanked all participants for efficiency and interaction between employees of the power system, regional and dispatching unit and the SESU divisions owing to which the fire was extinguished during 15 minutes.

    The training courses like this one are quite important as the practical skills of extinguishing and liquidating fire are being practiced; an organization of an immediate fire-prevention service in cases of inflammation or strong smoke; organization of rescue and evacuation measures and defining of the right methods to eliminate the fire on equipment under voltage.


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