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  • The Ministry of Energy approves Ukrenergo’s 2022 Financial Plan

    The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has approved NPC Ukrenergo’s 2022 Financial Plan with a net profit of UAH 541.8 million. The plan is based on current tariffs of the Company for transmission services — 345.64 UAH/MWh, and for dispatch services — 62.13 UAH/MWh.

    Key indicators of NPC Ukrenergo’s 2022 Financial Plan:

    • Revenues — UAH 86.9 billion
    • Net profit — UAH 0.54 billion
    • Budget contributions — UAH 1.64 billion
    • Operations on the balancing market — UAH 17.53 billion

    The share of the revenue from the transmission service to finance core activities of the Company amounts to UAH 24.76 billion, and the share to cover PSO expenses and compensation for renewable energy curtailments amounts to UAH 25.07 billion.

    The planned volume of electricity transmission in 2022, including import/export, is 144.16 million MWh.


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