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    Increasing the flexibility of the power system of Ukraine in the context of fast-growing renewable energy sources (RES) is the main task that needs to be addressed within the Generation Adequacy Report. Currently, this document is being revised by the transmission system operator, NPC Ukrenergo, and will be submitted to NEURC within the terms stipulated by the current legislation. Public discussion of the draft Generation Adequacy Report was held on November 21.

    Balancing power generation at solar (SPPs) and wind (WPPs) power plants is difficult due to their poor predictability and tendency to dramatically change generation amounts after sunset or decrease in wind power. To overcome these problems, NPC Ukrenergo recommends priority measures to make power system generation more flexible:

    • construction of highly flexible, fast-start generating facilities and energy storage systems.
    • creation of mechanisms that will allow to attract investments to the construction of these facilities and ensure their participation in the electricity market. Ensure transparent procedures for licensing their activity, etc.
    • timely implementation of the catalogue of measures for synchronisation of the integrated power system (IPS) of Ukraine with Power System of Continental Europe, ENTSO-E, that will increase the flexibility of the power system and reduce system limitations due to interstate power flows, etc.

    All the abovementioned will simplify the integration of new amounts of RES into the power system of Ukraine, including SPPs and WPPs, the installed capacity of which in the power grid of Ukraine is projected at 4.2 GW in 2019, 5.7 GW for 2020, and 7.8 GW for 2021.

    According to the Agreement on Accession of the IPS of Ukraine to ENTSO-E signed in June 2017, the synchronisation is planned for the second half of 2023. This step will not only increase the flexibility of the power grid, but also create the preconditions for boosting competition in the domestic electricity market by removing technological constraints to its import from Europe to the whole territory of Ukraine.

    “The main goal of Ukrenergo in developing the Generation Adequacy Report is to develop and modernise the power grid in compliance with current industry standards. These include ensuring the flexibility and reliability of networks during the integration of SPPs and WPPs, as well as developing links with the European energy system, etc. At the same time, some contradictory statements about the inappropriateness and detrimental impact of RES and electricity imports from Europe on Ukraine’s power grid,  which were made at the public hearings on the Report, can by no means be the official position of Ukrenergo”, said Director of Management of the IPS of Ukraine, Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo Vitaliy Zaichenko.


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