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  • Successful dispatchers emergency training to prepare for the autumn and winter period

    NPC Ukrenergo together with distribution system operators (DSOs), PJSC Ukrhydroenergo, NNEGC Energoatom, and electricity producers at TPPs successfully conducted a planned sectoral emergency training for the autumn and winter period 2021-2022 preparation. The event took place on September 29 in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Energy to implement the Action Plan for the preparation of fuel and energy complex and housing and utilities services of Ukraine for the autumn and winter period 2021/2022.

    The training was headed by Vitalii Zaichenko, Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo. The training was attended by dispatchers of regional dispatch centres of NPC Ukrenergo, distribution system operators and operational staff of power plants (NPPs, HPPs, TPPs, and CHPs).

    The training programme provided for the practice of joint actions of dispatchers in critical situations. In particular, in case of shutdown of a NPP power unit with a capacity of 1000 MW by emergency automation system, unloading of NPP due to emergency shutdown of 750 kV overhead lines under insufficient power reserves in the power system.

    To prevent the development of a system accident in the IPS of Ukraine, dispatchers of different levels of operational control applied measures to balance the power system, including the activation of emergency aid from transmission system operators of neighbouring countries. The power network operation maintenance in post-emergency schemes was also ensured.

    All training participants confirmed their high level of professionalism and showed coordinated joint actions in difficult situations, which is a guarantee for the prevention of possible accidents in the power system of Ukraine.

    “Sectoral trainings of operational personnel of electric power facilities are held annually before the autumn and winter period to work out joint coordinated actions of operational personnel in the event of a systemic accident in the IPS of Ukraine. The training that took place today confirmed that we have enough professional resources to maintain the integrity of the power system in highly complex situations”, said Vitalii Zaichenko, Chief Operation Officer – Chief Dispatcher of NPC Ukrenergo.


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