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  • SS 500 kV Kreminska is connected to OHL 500 kV Donbaska-Donska

    The construction of diversions of OHL 500 kV Donbaska-Donska to new SS 500 kV Kreminska has been completed.

    It means that now the substation can be powered from SS 750 kV Donbaska and transmit power via 220 kV transmission line to SS Yuvileina, and further on. Thus, additional capacity is provided from the main part of the IPS of Ukraine to Lysychansk and Luhansk power centres, and further to distribution network in the north of Luhansk oblast.

    Actually, the existing OHL 500 kV Donbaska-Donska has been split (in the closest geographic connection point to the substation) and two newly constructed power lines (diversions) were connected to gas insulated switchgear (GIS) of 500 kV Kreminska.

    The total length of these power lines – 0.3 km. The construction was according to the schedule, and it took a month to complete: from 15 March to 15 April 2020. During this time, OHL 500 kV Donbaska-Donska was shut down and two intermediate towers, power lines, and overhead protection cables in the connection point of diversions were dismantled. Instead, foundations were installed and four new anchor intermediate towers were assembled and installed. Phase cables and overhead protection cables were installed as well.

    Please note that in March OHL 220 kV Kreminska-Yuvileina №1 and №2, GIS 220 kV, and other elements of substation equipment were successfully tested.

    “Assembling relay protection and emergency automation, as well as automated process control system  is ongoing. This will provide a complete remote control of substation by regional power system dispatcher, with no need for personnel being present at substation. All works are carried out according to the schedule and in compliance with quarantine personal protection requirements. We expect to complete the construction of substation and appropriate infrastructure by the end of May”, said Director for Grid Operation and Development Oleksii Brekht.

    Currently, communication equipment, fire protection, integrated security system, ventilation, and air conditioning checkouts are underway. It is worth noting that the construction of SS 500 kV Kreminska was launched in 2017 with a total cost of 1.3 billion UAH. The construction is performed by “Kyivska energetychna budivelna kompaniya” LLC., the company that won the tender. SS Kreminska will significantly enhance reliability of power supply for household and industrial consumers in the north of Luhansk oblast. It will also allow to synchronise the north of Donbas power supply system, which is currently operating in the “island” mode, with the IPS of Ukraine.


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