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    The experts of consulting power company, RTE International (France), attended Ukrenergo’s facilities and analysed the company’s technical and purchasing policies during a working visit on November 19-22.

    This research and analytical work was carried out by French experts under the contract with NPC Ukrenergo on rendering services to the Ukrainian transmission system operator for optimising the trunk network maintenance in order to bring the maintenance and reliability to the European standards.

    In July 2019, Ukrenergo signed a contract within the framework of the Intergovernmental Memorandum of Cooperation with French Transmission System Operator, RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité), and its subsidiary, RTE International. It will be valid until the end of 2020. It is funded by a World Bank loan provided under the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2).

    During their visit to Ukrenergo, RTE International experts attended Korosten line station in Zhytomyr oblast, as well as two technologically different substations: 330kV Lisova SS in Zhytomyr oblast (commissioned in 1976) and 750kV Kyivska SS (commissioned in 2009).

    Together with the Ukrenergo experts, they were comparing standards and requirements for the maintenance of overhead lines, methods of repairing, equipment and tools of electricians, as well as the safety system, training and working conditions of personnel. They were also examining equipment, control and protection systems of the substations.

    In addition, RTE International experts have conducted a number of workshops, in particular, on the company’s technical policy, including the optimisation of repairing. For the French transmission system operator, RTE, the key principle is to prevent network failures and breakdowns. For this purpose, the network is monitored on the equipment technical condition data base, which is constantly updated.

    The French colleagues have dwelled upon the tasks of the single technical coordination expert centre at RTE, as well as the way the internal quality control works.

    A separate workshop was dedicated to the procurement of equipment and works policy. RTE experts have explained the procedure for concluding and controlling the implementation of framework, long-term, contracts with several contractors simultaneously for the purpose of a single project. After all, long-term contracts, with the ability to control performance at different stages, increase the quality assurance and compliance with the deadlines.

    Besides, the French experts have clarified the way that strategic solutions are developed at RTE for preventing problems and making tactical decisions to eliminate the emerging ones.


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