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  • Reconstruction of the Lviv load center main substation is ongoing


    Reconstruction of the SS 330kV “Lviv Pivdenna” is ongoing in the Zakhidna energy system.

    The process includes replacement of the AT-5 autotransformer by a new one with a capacity of 125 MWt as well as a 110kV flank modernization.

    The AT-5 auto transformer being in operation about 37 years is presumed as a dynamically unstable one.

    Its condition got worse after a number of closed-circuit faults within the grid.

    Poor technical condition and mandatory changes were approved by the conclusions of the expertise performed by the SE “Vinnytsia technological expert center of the state labour”

    Total estimated cost of the substation reconstruction project amounts to UAH 57,2 mln (VAT included).

    A new additional cell is being equipped with a gas-insulated switch, 4 disconnectors, 3 potential transformers and voltage suppressers in order to connect a new autotransformer to the 110kV open-air switchgear.

    Moreover, new microprocessor-based hardware of the relay protection and automatic equipment is to be installed.  

    SS 330 kV «Lviv Pivdenna» is a core supply substation of the Lviv load center with a total capacity of 650 KWt.

    AT-5 autotransformer will strengthen the reliability of the substation operation as well as electricity supply to the consumers in Lviv region.  


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