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  • NPC Ukrenergo has started reconstruction of two 330 kV substations in Kharkiv

    NPC Ukrenergo has started reconstruction of 330 kV SS Kharkivska and 330 kV SS Zaliutyne located in Kharkiv. The reconstruction encompasses the complete replacement of the existing 330 and 110 kV outdoor switchgear units with a new 330 kV gas-insulated switchgear unit and 110 kV hybrid gas-insulated switchgear units manufactured by General Electric. Furthermore, it is the first time that the 110 kV hybrid gas-insulated switchgear units are used in the reconstruction of Ukrenergo’s substations. The substations will be also equipped with an automated process control system (APCS) enabling the remote control of equipment from the central control room.  

    As a result of the reconstruction, both substations built back in 1957–1958 will be transformed into high-tech automated power facilities that meet European reliability and security requirements. And the use of modern 330 kV gas-insulated switchgear and 110 kV hybrid gas-insulated switchgear units having a high level of reliability and long service life will significantly reduce the Company’s future operating costs for infrastructure maintenance. The auxiliary power supply system at the substations will be fully retrofitted with the replacement of 330 kV, 110 kV and 35 kV relay protection and emergency automation devices.

    The comprehensive reconstruction of 330 kV SS Kharkivska and 330 kV SS Zaliutyne will significantly improve the reliability of power supply to consumers of Kharkiv power node, with consideration of Kharkiv expansion prospects northwards. It should be noted that these substations energize a large part of Kharkiv residential areas and a number of the city’s industrial enterprises, in particular, such strategically important enterprises as the State Enterprise Malyshev Plant producing heavily armoured vehicles, JSC Turboatom producing turbines, PrJSC Pivdenkabel Plant producing semiconductors, Kharkiv treatment facilities, etc. 

    The substations are reconstructed under the project of the Reconstruction of Substations in the Eastern Part of Ukraine, which is implemented with loan funds from the German financial institution KfW.

    Reconstruction of both substations will be performed by a Consortium of General Electric Grid Solutions (Germany) and Chornomorenergospetsmontazh LLC (Ukraine) selected based on results of international competitive bidding. The cost of reconstruction of 330 kV SS Kharkivska and 330 kV Zaliutyne is 55 million euros. The reconstruction is scheduled for completion in 2023.

    It is to be recalled that NPC Ukrenergo is implementing a comprehensive automation program that provides for the reconstruction and APCS installation at all substations of the Company. The Program is called to improve the reliability of the transmission system, create a technical framework for implementing the smart grid technology in trunk grids, and ensure the network reliability and security level in accordance with ENTSO-E requirements. The Program is implemented with loan funds from international financial institutions.


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