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  • NPC Ukrenergo has increased the transformer capacity of 330 kV Chernivetska substation by 200 MVA

    NPC Ukrenergo installed a third autotransformer (AT-3) at the SS 330 kV Chernivetska, which boosted the transformer capacity of the substation by 200 MVA (up to 600 MVA). The new equipment is undergoing integrated 72-h load tests.

    The AT-3 installation at the SS 330 kV Chernivetska is one of the key projects of the NPC Ukrenergo’s 2021 Investment Programme and has a significant socio-economic effect on the region. The SS 330 kV Chernivetska is connected to ten 110 kV lines of the distribution system operator feeding consumers of the major part of the Chernivtsi region (critical infrastructure and social welfare enterprises). The additional AT-3 will increase the reliability of their power supply when the equipment at the substation undergoes repairs or operates in the emergency mode, especially in the autumn and winter period. In particular, it will eliminate the risks of consumers limitation when one of the existing autotransformers is disconnected.

    The work was performed by the contractor NVP Energorishennia LLC and financed from the tariff funds of NPC Ukrenergo.

    The new AT-3, manufactured by PJSC Zaporizhtransformator, is equipped with the AT operation and condition monitoring system, meets modern requirements for energy efficiency and has a high level of reliability and operational safety. Works performed to accommodate the new AT-3 at the substation: bus sectioning at 330 kV switchyard, installation of new 330, 110 and 35 kV cells, new 330 and 110 kV current and voltage transformers, construction of the substation control building with new relay protection and emergency automation cabinets.

    During the project implementation, NPC Ukrenergo worked in close cooperation with the regional distribution system operator, as well as with local and self-government authorities, which made it possible to speed up the AT-3 installation and connect it to the grid with a minimal impact on the energy supply for consumers.

    It should be noted that the SS 330 kV Chernivetska will also undergo a comprehensive reconstruction of 330 and 110 kV switchyards with the installation of an automated process control system. The reconstruction will be part of the project “Improving the efficiency of electricity transmission (modernization of substations) II”, and will be implemented with loan funds from the Credit Institute for Reconstruction KfW (Germany). Tender documentation for this project is being developed for international competitive bidding and contract award.



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