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  • NPC Ukrenergo and Xian Electric Engineering started implementation of the contract on reconstruction of Brovarska SS

    At the founding meeting, NPC Ukrenergo and Chinese power company Xian Electric Engineering discussed the stages of project implementation on reconstruction of 330kV Brovarska SS.  In particular, they agreed on drafting, constructing, assembling and commissioning, as well as compliance with construction and sanitary norms during design and construction stages.  All project works will be carried out without disconnecting consumers from the power supply.

    Reconstruction of Brovarska SS will complete the international investment project “Construction of OHL 750kV Rivne NPP – Kyivska” financed by the EBRD and the EIB. This very component of the project (reconstruction of Brovarska SS) will be financed solely by the EIB.

    The construction became possible due to the funds saved as the result of international bidding on components of this project in previous years.

    Savings at the bidding on construction of Brovarska SS amounted to 338 million UAH. Thus, according to the approved technical specifications, the cost of construction was 850 million UAH (excluding VAT), and Xian Electric Engineering offered 512 million UAH (excluding VAT).

    The contract for the reconstruction of Brovarska SS was signed at the end of February 2019. However, it became possible only today to start implementing it because the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has for a long time blocked payments intended for Ukrenergo’s international investment projects financed with loans from international financial institutions. Later, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv found the actions of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry unlawful. After Ukrenergo transferred to the Ministry of Finance, it became possible to unblock the payments on international projects.

    “After the reconstruction, the capacity of Brovarska SS will increase from 400MWA to 600MVA due to the installation of a new AT-3 330/110/35kV with capacity of 200MWA. This will significantly increase the reliability of electricity supply to a number of enterprises, including Boryspil International Airport, as well as to the household consumers of Kyiv region, the energy consumption of which is constantly increasing”, said investment director of NPC Ukrenergo Oleh Pavlenko.

    The outdoor switchgears 110kV and 330kV will be dismantled and replaced with gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), relay protection systems will be modernized, and automated process control system will be implemented.


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