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  • NPC Ukrenergo and Slovak TSO SEPS signed the contract on mutual emergency assistance

    NPC Ukrenergo and Slovak Transmission System Operator Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (SEPS) have signed the contract on electricity supply in the framework of the mutual emergency assistance.

    It serves as a tool to develop reciprocal actions between the Parties in the process of performing their TSO functions, enabling both TSOs to supply electricity as part of the mutual emergency assistance in the event of contingencies and other cases when the operation of the power system of the Party requesting such emergency assistance is at risk.

    The contract between NPC Ukrenergo and SEPS establishes the conditions for providing emergency assistance and the procedure for its activation. In particular, the emergency assistance capacity is 100 MW. The volume of emergency assistance can be increased to 150 MW if the Parties agree so. The transfer capacity for emergency purposes is not reserved in advance.

    This is the second contract that NPC Ukrenergo has concluded with the TSOs of the power systems interfacing with the Burshtyn TPP Island in the parallel operation within the ENTSO-E network.

    It is to be recalled that contracts on the mutual emergency assistance between interfacing TSOs are provided in ENTSO-E general rules governing the creation of additional reserve mechanisms. These measures will facilitate the operational resilience of power systems in the conditions of parallel operation of the Burshtyn TPP Island with the ENTSO-E power system. Emergency assistance from interfacing countries is provided in cases when the undertaken measures and available reserves are insufficient to prevent the threat or need of curtailing the power supply for consumers.


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