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  • November electricity imports exceeded exports by 5%

    In November 2019, total electricity imports amounted to 661 thousand MWh, and for the first time since the launch of the new electricity market exceeded total exports by 5% (629 thousand MWh).

    Thus, 370.6 thousand MWh were imported to Burshtyn TPP island and 290.4 thousand MWh were imported to the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine.

    The volume of imports from Hungary has almost doubled, from Slovakia, it has increased by 8%, and from Russia – by 4%.

    In order to ensure balance and operational security of the power grid in November, the planned imports of electricity to Ukraine were restricted:

    • from Belarus – by 46% (from 294.7 thousand MWH to 157.8 thousand MWh);
    • from Russia – by 34% (from 201.5 thousand MWh to 132.6 thousand MWh);
    • to Burshtyn TPP island – by 1% (from 374.9 MWh thousand to 370.6 thousand MWh).

    Compared to October 2019, November imports have increased by 10% (from 601 thousand MWh to 661 thousand MWh), and compared to July – by 2.4 times (from 274.6 thousand MWh to 661 thousand MWh).

    In November, total electricity exports amounted to 629 thousand MWh:

    • from Burshtyn TPP island to European countries – 483.7 thousand MWh;
    • from the IPS of Ukraine to Poland and Moldova – 145.2 thousand MWh.

    At the same time, exports growth of above 30% is observed in Romania direction.


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