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  • New transformer equipment delivered to 750 kV Zaporizka substation

    Three new autotransformers (ATs) and nine new phase-shifting transformers (PSTs) arrived at the 750 kV Zaporizka substation for further installation. The new AT will be an extra autotransformer for the substation and will increase its capacity by 999 MVA (up to 2,997 MVA). Phase-shifting transformers, which are new for the substation, will optimize power flows in the 330-750 kV grid to minimize its losses and ensure acceptable operational modes of the transmission system.

    The 750 kV Zaporizka substation provides electricity transit through trunk grids from Zaporizka NPP to the 750 kV Dniprovska and Donbaska tie-substations of Ukraine’s power system, and to 330 kV substations in the east and south of Ukraine. As a result, the phase-shifting transformers and the increased transformer capacity at the 750 kV Zaporizka substation will ensure the high reliability of electricity transmission to cover consumption in the regions.

    New ATs and PSTs manufactured by PrJSC Zaporizhtransformator have far better energy efficiency performance and are custom designed for NPC Ukrenergo’s substations. In particular, in new ATs no-load losses are almost by a quarter lower than in standard ATs, low-voltage short-circuit losses are 70% lower, and medium-voltage losses are 24% lower. This will reduce electricity losses during its transmission and, accordingly, reduce the volume of its purchase in the electricity market to compensate for these losses.

    New ATs are also equipped with the state-of-the-art control and diagnostic system compatible with the automated process control system (APCS), which will be installed at the 750 kV Zaporizka substation during reconstruction. This will make it possible to get data on the AT status online from the dispatch centre, and with APCS to control the substation equipment remotely.

    Experts of NPC Ukrenergo and representatives of FICHTNER, an international consultant from the lending bank, monitored the process of new transformer equipment manufacturing and testing.

    The transformer equipment will be installed in the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of the 750 kV Zaporizka substation, which is part of the project “Reconstruction of substations in the eastern part of Ukraine” implemented with loan funds from the German Reconstruction Credit Institute (KfW).


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