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  • New OHL 750 kV Zaporizhia NPP – Kakhovska will allow Zaporizhia NPP to operate without limitation of its installed capacity

    Ukrenergo has completed construction and commissioned the overhead line (OHL) 750 kV Zaporizhia NPP – Kakhovska. This will allow to eliminate grid restrictions and provide Zaporizhia NPP with a possibility to produce 6000 MW output. This, in turn, will increase the share of nuclear power plants in total electricity production, in particular in the autumn-winter period, which may result in a positive economic effect for NNEGC Energoatom.

    The length of the OHL 750 kV Zaporizhia NPP – Kakhovska is 186 km. It is the main element of the investment project, which also includes the construction of SS 750 kV Kakhovska with a capacity of 2000 MVA with the installation of two autotransformers and diversions of 330 kV transmission lines Kakhovska – Ostrovska and Kakhovska – Khersonska to SS 750 kV Kakhovska (hereinafter – the Project ). The new transmission line and 750 kV substation with 330 kV network infrastructure have strengthened the connection of Kakhovka power node with the trunk power grids and increased the interstate transmission capacity  of the southern part of the power system of Ukraine.

    This Investment Project is implemented with a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) totaling 335 million euros on a parity basis. As a result of international bidding, the cost of the Project was reduced by about 40% and actually amounted to 195 million euros. The savings are currently being used to build SS Zakhidna near Kyiv (EBRD funds) and fiber-optic rings in 11 regions of Ukraine (EIB funds).

    The overhead line (OHL) 750 kV Zaporizhia NPP – Kakhovska together with SS 750 kV Kakhovska comprise the first element of the construction of southern high-voltage line 750 kV and provide for further construction of:

    • OHL 750 kV Kakhovska – Prymorska with SS 750 kV Prymorska;
    • OHL 750 kV Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP – Prymorska;

    This will ensure reliable delivery of NPP capacity to the grid and ts transit to scarce regions of the power system. In addition, SS 750 kV Prymorska with its connection to the existing 330-750 kV power grids will become a new reference power source in Odesa region and will remove the cross-border load of the IPS of Ukraine – Odesa, Moldova, as well as ensure the reliability of this power node.

    Also, the new network infrastructure will significantly increase the reliability of RES capacity in the power system and the possibility of its further development in the region.

    The construction of SS 750 kV Prymorska envisages the construction of OHL 400 kV Prymorska-Isaccea (Romania), which is a project of mutual interest (PMI) with the European Energy Community. The implementation of this joint project will increase the capacity of the interconnector between Ukraine and Romania to 1000-1200 MW after 2026 and will open new opportunities for market participants.

    All projects are envisaged in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), which is prepared annually by Ukrenergo in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market” to ensure compliance of the transmission network with the needs of the electricity market and security of electricity supply.


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