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    The launch of the new electricity market unlocked electricity imports into Ukraine by abolishing regulatory restrictions.

    Since day one, the new market enabled electricity imports “the Burshtynska TPP island”, in particular, from Slovakia. And on July 15, the “island” has begun importing from Hungary.

    As of July 17, nearly 97 million kWh of electricity was imported to the “Burshtyn TPP Island”, including 92.675 million kWh from Slovakia and 4.241 million kWh from Hungary.

    Also, since July 10, Ukraine started imports of electricity from Belarus, totaling 6.8 million kWh.

    Imports are currently an important prerequisite for creating real competition in the domestic electricity market.

    In addition, they allow you to increase the volume of bids from balancing services providers (presently generating companies) on the balancing market, because, due to increased competition in the day ahead market (DAM), domestic producers put undistributed generation in the intraday market (IDM) and the balancing markets (BM).

    A full-scale deployment of the ancillary services market within the new electricity market will greatly contribute to an increase in the amount of available capacity reserve of Ukraine’s power grid.

    It should be noted that one of the reasons for the deficit in the Ukrainian power grid is the market participants’ neglect of the Market Rules. In accordance with p. 4.10.2-3, the balancing services providers (BSPs) are required to submit bids for balancing electricity for loading/unloading for each balancing unit (excluding RES units) for each settlement period of the trading day for the planned activation of the total amount of balancing electricity for loading/unloading, equal to the difference between the available capacity of the remaining balancing unit and its schedule, regardless of whether a BSP is obliged to provide reserve as a provider of ancillary services.

    Also, in accordance with p 10.10 of the Market Rules, BSPs are obliged to provide to the BM their bids/proposals for balancing electricity for the load of not less than 10% of its installed (nominal) power and for unloading of at least 5% of its installed (nominal) power, offered before the settlement period.


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