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  • New autotransformer manufactured by HYUNDAI arrived at Mukacheve substation

    Four new phases of autotransformer (AT-3) manufactured by the South Korean company HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO were delivered to the 400 kV Mukacheve substation in the western region. It is the first autotransformer of foreign make to be installed at the Ukrenergo substation. All existing autotransformers at Ukrenergo substations are manufactured by PJSC Zaporizhtransformator.

    Hyundai’s new AT-3 having three phases and one backup phase with the capacity of 133 MVA and voltage of 400/220 kV each meet the requirements of international standards IEC, ANSI, NEMA, CSA, AS, and ES. On top of that, the specifics of the AT winding makes it possible to decrease power losses to eddy currents and increase the mechanical strength of the winding, reduce the thickness of the insulation and the size of the magnetic circuit, which is an additional element of the equipment reliability and safety enhancement.

    The new AT-3 will replace the old transformer, which has been in operation for 54 years and needs replacement. The equipment installation is planned for 2021 and will be monitored by the manufacturer’s installation engineering supervisor.

    The new AT-3 of HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO was manufactured at the company’s plant in Bulgaria and was purchased through open tendering in the summer of 2019 for UAH 136.1 million with the service of installation supervision (UAH 1.5 million without VAT). At that time, five tender proposals were submitted for the tender, of which only the proposals of “NMU Elektropivdenmontazh LLC” and “ABS 200” satisfied qualification criteria and terms of the tender documentation. Based on bidding results the actual cost dropped by 25% of the expected cost (UAH 184 million). In addition, following negotiations, the equipment final price was reduced to UAH 125.4 million, which in total saved almost UAH 57.1 million of tariff funds.

    The replacement of the autotransformer will increase the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of the Zakarpattia power node, as well as interconnectors with European countries because the substation has cross-border lines with Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.


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