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  • NEURC has approved the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2021-2030 developed by Ukrenergo

    On January 20, NEURC approved the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2021-2030 (hereinafter – the TYNDP) developed by Ukrenergo. The key objectives of the TYNDP are to ensure compliance of the transmission network with the needs of the electricity market and the interests of security of electricity supply taking into account the strategic goals of the company in terms of integration of Ukraine’s power system into ENTSO-E.

    The major difference between the Ten-Year Network Development 2021-2030 and the TYNDP 2020-2029 is expanding the list of projects and programmes to be implemented, in particular:

    • The need to build an OHL 330 kV VDHMK – Kremenchuk and a second OHL 330 kV Dniprovska 750 – VDHMK with the reconstruction of SS VDHMK and SS 330 kV Kremenchuk will allow to lessen the burden on OHL 330 kV Dnipro-Donbas and ensure the power output from the surplus Southern, Dnipro regions to the North one (2023-2026).
    • The programme of stage-by-stage replacement of 93 potentially dangerous current transformers of the TFRM-330 and TRN-330 types at Ukrenergo substations is included (2021-2025).
    • The programme of stage-by-stage replacement of defective reinforced concrete towers and lightning protection cable on overhead lines is included (860 towers in 2021-2025).
    • The programme of stage-by-stage replacement of high-frequency equipment for telecommunication and protection posts on power lines is included (2021-2025).
    • Potential locations of new high-maneuvering generating capacities and energy storage systems in the power system are determined, taking into account the conclusions of the Report on the assessment of adequacy (sufficiency) of generating capacities and optimization of the operation of the IPS. This is a list of potential connection points that are most ready and least costly in terms of connecting such facilities.

    At the same time, the following key areas of the 10-year transmission network development remain:

    • reconstruction of the trunk and interstate networks with the replacement of power equipment and implementation of modern technological process control systems, protection systems, and automation;
    • construction of new substations and increase of transformer capacity of substations by 12 451 MVA.
    • reconstruction of more than 1.5 thousand km of 220-330 kV transmission lines and construction of more than 3.2 thousand km of new 220-750 kV transmission lines.

    For the implementation of these projects, it is planned to attract about UAH 67 billion in investments during 2021-2030, of which 85% are credit funds of international financial institutions to reduce the burden on the tariff.

    The development plan meets the interests of the market and complies with energy security criteria. The document complies with the Report on the assessment of adequacy (sufficiency) of generating capacities and provisions of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2035, and takes into account the plans for the development of DSOs, contains a list and timing of reconstruction and construction of new facilities, as well as sources of funding.

    It should be noted that despite the quarantine restrictions, which were in force almost all the year 2020, Ukrenergo has implemented a number of important projects for the power system and consumers, in particular:

    – the construction and commisioning of SS 500 kV Kreminska with transformer capacity of 500 MVA, ensuring the reliability of power supply to consumers in the north of Luhansk region and eliminating the risks of their disconnection in case of power loss at Luhanska TPP;

    – the construction and commissioning of 186 km of OHL 750 kV Zaporizhia NPPKakhovska, which allowed to remove the restrictions on the power output of Zaporizhia NPP and operate the plant at a full design capacity of 6000 MW, ensuring an increase in the share of nuclear energy in total electricity production. The advantages of this project for the power system have become especially noticeable in the winter period of high load.

    – put into operation of a new transformer (AT-3) with a capacity of 220 MVA at SS 330 kV Sumy – the main element of the reconstruction of the substation that allowed to increase the reliability of power supply for consumers of the city of Sumy and Sumy region. Also, part of the primary equipment of 330 kV and 110 kV open switchgear was replaced, modern microprocessor relay protection and emergency automation devices were installed, new 330 kV and 110 kV portals, switches, measuring transformers, and other parts of the equipment were installed.

    – active reconstruction stage with complete replacement of open switchgear equipment of 330 kV and 110 kV at SS 330 kV Novokyivskanew gas-insulated open switchgear will be installed. This will significantly increase the reliability of the equipment for proper power supply for consumers, as well as reduce maintenance costs. The old autotransformer (AT-2) will be replaced with a new one and an additional transformer will be installed, which will increase the capacity of the substation to 600 MVA.

    – beginning of the first stage of the construction of OHL 330 kV ZakhidnoukrainskaBohorodchany 103 km long – the reconstruction of the part of OHL 330 kV Bohorodchany – Burshtynska TPP (60 km) with replacement of towers, cable, lightning protection cable with the laying of fiber-optic lines and insulation. The whole overhead line is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Due to this overhead line, the reliability of the transmission network in the region will be increased, in particular, the power supply for consumers of Ivano-Frankivsk region and the total transmission capacity of the western region..

    – a group of three single-phase transformers (AT-4) 400/220/35 kV is installed at SS 400 kV Mukacheve  with capacity of 3х133 МVА. The open switchgear 400, 220, and 35 kV equipment for connection of AT-3 with a busbar, relay protection panels and a board of own needs, and reactors are installed, cable networks are laid, AT-4 monitoring is commissioned, and complex testing is on the way. The substation is also supplied with a new AT-3, the installation of which is scheduled for 2021. This, in addition to the reliability of consumer power supply, will significantly increase the reliability of intra-system and interstate network connections.


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