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  • Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ukrenergo

    NPC Ukrenergo continues to take measures for preventing the spread of coronavirus. The company is currently deploying operational headquarters to take preventive measures, which include Management Board, directors, technical directors of power systems, and heads of key departments. They have prepared an expanded plan of action to mitigate the risks of disease spread among employees.

    Starting March 17, all Ukrenergo employees capable of working remotely will be given this opportunity. The corresponding operation mode will be in force by the end of the national quarantine, i.e. at least by April 3.

    We are among the first state-owned companies to take quarantine measures. The health and safety of our employees are of primary importance for Ukrenergo. However, these are preventive measures, and therefore, there are no grounds for panicking.

    We are also aware that the continuous activity of our company is the basis of the power security of the state, so we guarantee that the critical infrastructure will operate on a regular basis, and the company will continue to play its role in the electricity market.

    The measures we take to keep our employees safe:

    • From the last week, those employees who have children under the age of 12 can work remotely. From Tuesday, March 17, the maximum number of employees will be transferred to remote work with cyber security measures.
    • Overseas business trips have been canceled and on Ukraine’s territory – restricted.
    • Meetings and meetings with a large number of participants are now online.
    • Workplaces and premises are disinfected.
    • The maximum attention will be paid to the organization of safe work of those employees who will remain working in the offices of the company and on the objects of our infrastructure. These include dispatch and operations personnel, personnel at substations, some IT-staff, facility security, and so on. Top management will remain in place, including the management of power systems.

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