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    The Main Administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv demands to disconnect the head office of Ukrenergo from the power supply, seal and ban the access to the building for the company staff. The corresponding lawsuit was filed with the Kyiv District Administrative Court on June 26.

    The State Service’s demands are based on the list of fire safety violations detected after the latest unscheduled inspection of the company held on May 15 this year. The lawsuit of the SES claims that the violations allegedly indicate that the company does not have a system of fire prevention and extinguishing, as well as rapid reaction.

    Ukrenergo declares with full responsibility that none of the qualifications following the SES inspection are so grave that they can not be eliminated. Last July, the company prepared a plan to eliminate violations of the legal requirements for civil protection, technological and fire safety until 2020. Since then, most of the measures have been completed, those still pending require reconstruction of the building, scheduled for 2020. After the respective tender procedures, Ukrenergo hired contractors to perform design works for the reconstruction of the company’s buildings.  The shortcomings that did not require repairs were eliminated back in May, immediately after the last unscheduled inspection.

    Satisfying the SES’s suit will inevitably cause a disruption in the smooth operation of the whole power system of the country, as the Company’s HQ is a strategic facility hosting a central dispatch control center, which coordinates the work of the IPS of Ukraine and the “Burshtyn TPP island”. Cutting off the power supply of the building will make it impossible to exercise control over the grid and jeopardize its operational security. All these risks are especially critical today – in the first days of the new model of the electricity market when all its participants are making the first steps in a new for everybody paradigm of relations.

    We also remind you that in January 2019, the Ukrenergo HQ had a successful fire training on the suppression of conditional fire and the evacuation of a conditional victim from the top floor of the building. Therefore, the assertion that the company does not have a system of measures to prevent and extinguish fires is not true.


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