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  • In 2021 Ukrenergo will invest UAH 4.33 bln in the development of networks

    NEURC has approved the investment programme of NPC Ukrenergo for 2021 in the amount of UAH 4.33 bln (Decree 24.03.2021 № 510).  In particular, UAH 3.23 bln (75% of funds) will be spent on technological re-equipment and reconstruction of networks, and UAH 1.1 bln (25%) – on new construction. The lion’s share of funding (68%) will be at the expense of loans from international financial institutions, which Ukrenergo has been cooperating with for a long time. The key ones are the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the state bank of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany KfW.

    The main objectives of investments are the implementation of the programme of replacement of transformer equipment, programmes of automation of substations, development of networks for power generation, in particular, Dnistrovska PSPP, increasing the reliability of power supply of certain power nodes and near-border western and eastern regions for sustainable operation of the power system during further integration into ENTSO-E.

    In 2021, Ukrenergo is planning to complete a number of projects, namely:

    • installation of additional autotransformer (AT-3) at SS 330 kV Chernivetska. This will increase the transformer capacity of the substation by 200 MVA eliminating the risks of forced outage of Chernivtsi power node consumers (up to 60 MW capacity) during an emergency shutdown of one of the operating ATs and providing the opportunity for further development of the infrastructure of Chernivtsi oblast;
    • installation of АТ-1 at SS 750 kV Vinnytska for the possibility of replacing AT-2 and ensuring reliable power supply of industrial and domestic consumers of Vinnytsia;
    • construction of OHL 330 KV Zakhidnoukrainska-Bohorodchany. This will improve the reliability of power supply of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, increase Zakhid – Vinnitsa cross-border transmission capacity, and preserve the level of electricity exports to Europe due to the possible transfer of electricity supply of Opornianskyi power node from Burshtyn TPP island to the IPS of Ukraine. The OHL will ensure the operation of Dnistrovska PSPP in the pumping and generator modes with three hydro-units under the normal operation scheme, and taking into account the construction of OHL 330 KV Dnistrovska PSPP – Vinnitsa 750 – with four hydro-units. For the power system, these are PSPP additional power control possibilities of 421 MW in the pump mode and 324 MW in generator mode;
    • reconstruction of OHL 500 KV Donska – Donbaska (at Kreminska – Donbaska section) with a replacement of ground wire for optical cable (fiber optic) to organize high-speed communication channels of SS Kreminska and SS Yuvileina with other power facilities of NPC Ukrenergo;
    • reconstruction of open switchgears with installation of AT-3 at SS 330 kV Novokyivska. This will increase the reliability of power grid and reduce operating costs, and additional AT-3 will increase the transformer capacity of the substation up to 600 MVA;
    • reconstruction of open switchgears at SS 330 kV Sumy, SS Kremenchuk, and SS Kryvorizka with installation of automated process control system. New equipment will significantly increase the reliability of the operation of substations and, accordingly, consumer power supply, and automated process control system will ensure the remote control of the substation equipment.

    In addition, in 2021 other facilities will be funded, the major of them are:

    • beginning of construction of OHL 330 KV Kurakhivska TPP – Bilytska, Kupiansk – Kreminska, and Dnistrovska PSPP – Vinnytska 750;
    • installation of AT-3 at SS 400 kV Mukacheve;
    • reconstruction of SS 330 kV Rivne, Kovel, Ivano-Frankivsk, Bohorodchany, 220 kV Kalush and Boryslav with installation of automated process control system;
    • reconstruction of SS 330 KV Brovarska with installation of AT-3;
    • reconstruction of open switchgear and other equipment at SS 750 kV Zaporizka, SS 330 kV Zaliutyne, Kharkivska, and Nyvky;
    • construction of SS 330 kV Zakhidna with diversions of OHL 330 kV, etc.

    The investment programme is developed based on the ten-year network  development plan, which is updated annually by Ukrenergo and approved by NEURC taking into account the recommendations of the assessment of sufficiency (adequacy) of generating capacities report and development plans of distribution system operators.


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