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  • In 2019, Ukrenergo has saved 15% in the process of procurement

    All NPC Ukrenergo procurements in 2019 amounted to 1.250 billion UAH for more than 5000 purchases. During the bidding, the Company has saved 218.6 million UAH or 15% of the expected cost.

    Starting from 2016, we have revised practically all estimates and design solutions, which resulted in tens of percent savings. However, such a high percentage is positive only in the early stages of procurement system reform, when expected prices are too high. Today, we have moved on to thorough procurement planning, when the savings depend only on competition in the bidding, so they have naturally become lower, explained CEO of NPC Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    During 2019, the average number of bidders has increased from 2-3 at the beginning to 3-4 companies at the end of the year, and the average saving percentage for the same periods — from 13.8% to 19.5%.

    The largest share in the procurement structure is covered by the construction, reconstruction, and repairing/designing services — 27% (342.9 million UAH), household goods — 21% (263 million UAH), and basic equipment — 20% (243.2 million UAH).


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