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    Ukrenergo is finalising the configuration of the System’s Product Environment (Market Management System).

    In order to switch to the new market model from July 1, today, on June 28, at 22.00 we have opened access to a product environment  to ensure stable transfer of confirmed data from the test environment. You can login to the system at .

    If you get “Error 401”, when trying to log in to the system using EDS, try logging in with login and password. To do this, you need to enter Login and get a new password by email you specified when registering. Old passwords have been deleted. The login doesn’t change.

    Please note that from the moment of opening access  absolutely all data  (i.e. graphs, prices, applications, etc.) which you will upload into the System, will be used  for real rather than test operations in the new market .

    In this regard, Ukrenergo warns you to pay special attention to the relevancy and accuracy of the data you submit to the System!

    In case of problems with entering the System, using the electronic signature  urgently call +380734291453 or +380734291773 and write – with “SOS” in the subject head.

    If you have trouble submitting charts or any other problems when uploading the data, please contact Ukrenergo’s Call Center at (044) 238-37-00 or by e-mail that will work  around the clock. All your questions will be solved as promptly as possible! For this purpose, we ask the users of the MMS platform  not to delay loading data into the system’s productive environment !

    We remind you that, due to the lack of historical data as of July 1, the Regulator decided for the first 10 days of July, the size of financial guarantees will be zero hryvnia! This means that the volume of possible sales for generation in the first 10 days will be limited by the installed capacity of the resource objects, and sales volumes for suppliers in all segments of the market for the first 10 days will be zero UAH. PURCHASE OF ELECTRICITY IN ALL MARKET SEGMENTS IS UNLIMITED.

    Financial guarantees of market participants that have already been granted for the specified ten-day period will be taken into account when determining the sales volumes.


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