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  • Important notice for the participants of the new market: Ukrenergo website offers a calculator to calculate financial guarantees

    Ukrenergo’s website provides calculators for calculating the amount of financial guarantee of market participants in the new electricity market and the maximum sales volume in the day ahead market (DAM) and the intraday market (IDM). The webpage also features basic rules and requirements for calculating the guarantee.

    In the new electricity market, all balance-responsible parties must provide the TSO with a financial guarantee for each trading day (clauses 6.1.1. 6.1.7 of the Market Rules, NEURC Regulation of March 14, 2018, No. 307) . This financial instrument ensures the fulfillment of their obligations under the contracts on the settlement of electricity unbalances. The amount of the financial guarantee should cover all potential financial obligations that arise during the purchase/sale of electricity, in terms of settling imbalances. In the new market, the size of the financial guarantee will be calculated automatically using the Market management system platform.

    The financial guarantee calculator can help market participants better understand the main components of the calculation of the required financial guarantee, predict its amount and the necessary recalculation. The calculator of maximum sales volumes in the DAM and IDM allows you to determine if a market participant has enough financial guarantee for sales transactions in the DAM and IDM on a given day.

    Information regarding the registration of market participants in the MMS, list of supporting documents, as well as the platform’s operation is available at the call center: (044) 238-37-00 or at


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