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    Ukrenergo has signed a contract with RTE International (France) regarding the provision of consultancy services that should optimise the operation of trunk power grids, increase their reliability and align them with the European standards. The total contract value is over 1 million euros.

    The project is until December 2020, and will be financed through the World Bank’s loan in the framework of the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2).

    Under the contract, RTE International will offer a number of recommendations to improve the company’s technical policy. More specifically, our counterparts will provide standards for specifications of equipment for reactive power compensation, automated process control system (APCS) and communication channels, standards and requirements for primary and secondary equipment used in the ENTSO-E.

    There will also be recommendations on how to adapt Ukraine’s current legislation to accommodate modern technology. After all, most of the existing regulations, containing requirements for equipment and its operation, regulations for conducting certain works, were developed with regard to equipment and technology that today are outdated.

    Therefore, for our innovations to work in the regulatory field, relevant legal documents should be amended.

    Advice from RTE International’s experts will also cover optimisation of repair functions, developing a roadmap for the implementation of the repair planning system according to the current state of the equipment, as well as a set of technical solutions for automation of the OHL diagnosis.

    Among other things, French colleagues will help set up an R&D office, similar to that operating within RTE International. This will a center for research and development of solutions to solve the grid’s main problems, optimising its performance in line with changes in the economy, national and global trends, etc.

    In addition, starting in November, Ukrenergo operation, relay protection and IT staff will attend three workshops at the headquarters of RTE International, as well as in Europe’s first smart substation Blocaux.

    Introducing innovative technologies and European standards of equipment management is going to bring the transmission system to the new technology level and allow to achieve the highest operational safety standards adopted in the ENTSO-E.


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