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  • EU fully supports integration of Ukraine’s power system into ENTSO-E network — Resolution

    The European Parliament has fully supported Ukraine’s integration into the power system of Continental Europe (ENTSO-E). This is stated in the Resolution of the European Parliament on the implementation of the EU—Ukraine Association Agreement, adopted on 11 February 2021.

    The European Parliament also called Ukraine to complete the reform of the energy market and enhance the compliance of industry-specific laws with EU requirements, primarily by strengthening the independence of the Transmission System Operator – NPC Ukrenergo.

    On the same day, the EU–Ukraine Association Council meeting was held co-chaired by Josep Borrell, European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister of Ukraine. According to the official statement of the Association Council, the parties agreed on the need to continue coordinated cooperation on the integration of Ukraine, including its power system, into the EU energy market based on effective implementation of the updated Annex XXVII of the Association Agreement.

    Synchronization of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine with ENTSO-E power grid is scheduled for 2023. Ukrainian party has completed most of the technological steps necessary for synchronization. In particular, in 2019–2020, excitation systems were tested at TPP, CHPP, HPP, and NPP power units. The data obtained from these tests will be used to conduct additional studies provided for in the Catalogue of Measures of the Agreement on the Conditions for Future Synchronization. They will also be used to build a joint mathematical model of the synchronous operation of Ukrainian and European power systems. The success of this modelling is one of the key prerequisites for the IPS of Ukraine testing in isolation from the power systems of Russia and Belarus. Such testing is scheduled for 2022.

    Another key condition for the integration of the Ukrainian power system into the European network is Ukrenergo’s certification as an independent system operator according to the ISO (Independent System Operator) model. The certification decision should be made by the NEURC to be followed by the conclusions of the Energy Community Secretariat on the compliance of this decision with the European Union’s Third Energy Package.

    To make it happen, the Verkhovna Rada needs to as soon as possible adopt draft law No. 3364-1 enabling Ukrenergo’s certification under the ISO model. The Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Housing and Utility Services has recently recommended that this document should be adopted in the first reading as a basis.


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