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  • Energy Community holds a high-level EU4Energy Governance meeting

    The key questions were the integration of the Ukrainian and Moldovan electricity markets, common auctions and cross-border regulation of the occurring divergences as well as further integration of the power systems as part of the joint control block to ENTSO-E.

    Ukrainian and Moldovan government institutions and regulators as well as representatives of Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica (national transmission system operators) were among the participants. During the meeting the Secretariat’s Director Janez Kopac mentioned necessary steps for the implementation of these objectives.

    First of all, it’s an implementation of new electricity market models accompanied with respective agreements with TSOs based on the market conditions. Second, introduction of clear mechanisms for the cross-border regulation of divergences between Ukraine and Moldova. The synchronization with ENTSO-E is possible only if these components will be fully implemented and the new electricity market will function properly. The Secretariat offers wide consultancy assistance to both countries in their efforts to reform national electricity markets and develop mechanisms that will guarantee transparent access to the cross-border capacities on a competitive basis.

    At the same time it was emphasized that all regulatory and legislative documents, adopted for new markets implementation, shouldn’t impede or stop foreign trade operations. Close cooperation and mutual understanding between national regulators and governments of both countries are very important for this matter. In terms of free import after the implementation of the news market model in Ukraine, NERC confirmed absence of any obstacles in legislation and assured that required time for the transition to new rules will be taken into account when a new rules of procedure for carrying capacity distribution is adopted.

    Moreover, the participants of the meeting discussed and approved of the Roadmap for common auctions for restrictions management and cross-border carrying capacity distribution implementation proposed by the Secretariat. Ukrenergo Deputy CEO for market development and IT Andrii Nemyrovskii noted that Ukrenergo had already agreed upon common auction rules with MAVIR (Hungary’s TSO) and was conducting negotiations with SEPS (Slovakia) and Transelectrica (Romania). Ukrenergo agreed to arrange several meetings in the end of June with Moldelectrica in order to deal with problems identified during the previous negotiations.


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