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  • Announcement of competitive selection of candidates for the position of CEO of NPC “UKRENERGO”

    Under the Charter of NPC “UKRENERGO” and the decision of the Supervisory Board of 6 December 2019, the selection of candidates for the position of CEO of NPC “UKRENERGO” is launched. 


    Address of NPC “Ukrenergo”: 25 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv, Ukraine 01032.

    The main directions of activity of NPC “UKRENERGO” are to fulfill the function of the transmission system operator and fulfill the functions of management and operation of the main power transmission lines, in particular:

    • Ensuring security of supply by maintaining the equilibrium between supply and demand;
    • Improvement and development of electricity marketof Ukraine by operating balancing and ancillary service markets, execution of commercial metering administrator and settlements administrator roles;
    • Promoting energy transition by increasing grid absorption capacity and promoting flexibilitysolutions in the power system of Ukraine;
    • Maintaining and managing the high-voltage grid (220 kV and higher) and investing in its infrastructure;
    • Providing customers from industry, distribution system operators, electricity traders and power utilities with non-discriminatory access to transmission grid at fair cost
    • Implementation of centralized dispatching (operational and technological) management of IPS of Ukraine and organization of information exchange with market operators, market participants, operators of transmission systems of neighboring countries, ENTSO-E and the Energy Community in the volumes and in the order determined by market rules, code of the transmission system, code of commercial accounting and other regulations;
    • Planning of the operating modes of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine in accordance with the market rules and code of transmission system;
    • Ensuring efficient operational and technological maintenance and repairs of the main power transmission lines and interstate power grids, reduction of costs of material resources and electricity losses in power grids and operation of market of support services and acquisition of support services in order to comply with the operational security standards of IPS of Ukraine;
    • Participation in the operational monitoring of fuel (coal, natural gas, fuel oil) movement at thermal power plants of energy-generating companies and in the improvement of the model of the forecast balance of electricity, fuel and costs of generating companies of TPP as market transformations are carried out;
    • Participation in the development of forecast balances of electricity, fuel and costs of generating TPP companies (annual, quarterly and monthly), preparation for approval, monitoring of implementation and preparation of conclusions and proposals for their optimization;
    • Development and implementation of a unified technical policy for the development and implementation of telecommunications network, data transmission channels, relay protection and emergency automation systems, automated dispatching and technological control systems, metering and quality control systems for electricity;
    • Ensuring parallel work of IPS of Ukraine with the energy systems of other countries and integration of IPS of Ukraine into ENTSO-E.

    Key Tasks and Responsibilities of CEO of NPC “UKRENERGO”:

    • Continue the strategic, long-term direction and development of competitive advantages of NPC “UKRENERGO” as Smart Grid, Demand response, V2G, etc;
    • Provide general management of operations, introduction of a transparent management;
    • Lead and motivate to advance employee engagement to developing a high performing and effective management team;
    • Manage a team of 8,000 people in a context of profound reorganization;
    • Promote the organization to local, regional, national, and international community with engaging communication, commitment and cogency;
    • Coordinate cross-border affairs and interests, consensus building and sustaining relationships;
    • Oversee and control transformation project progress including evaluation of financial performance;
    • Represent the company in state authorities and in front of the regulator;
    • Be in charge of the process of joining to ENTSO-E.

    Applicants willing to participate in the selection must submit a basic package of documents to the Executive search company Amrop Ukraine (LLC Executive Search Ukraine) by sending them at by 18:00 Kyiv time on 27 January 2020 (telephone for information: +380 44 585 2551), namely:

    Application for participation in the selection should be addressed to the Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board of NPC “UKRENERGO” Olivier Appert. The application must contain information about the applicant – full name of the applicant, applicant’s registration address, contact phone number, email (template provided) and the following documents:

    • Bio or resume (in Ukrainian or/and English);
    • Declaration (template provided) of absence of conflict of interest with NPC “UKRENERGO” (in Ukrainian and English);
    • Consent (template provided) to the processing of personal data (in Ukrainian and English);

    List of documents (in any form) required for an interview with the Supervisory Board (list of documents below), indicating their status and a scheduled date (from 28 January to 14 February 2020) of their submission to

    Candidates who will be promoted to the second stage of the competition will be interviewed by the NPC “Ukrenergo” Supervisory Board. For them following documents in Ukrainian or English will have to be sent to email by 10:00 Kyiv time on 14 February 2020 (prior to the interview):

    • copy of personal ID;
    • copy of employment record book (if any) or other document certifying work experience (in the absence of the employment record book, copies of reference letters with dates of employment or a report on collected recommendations)
    • copy of diploma (s);
    • copies of documents about additional education, knowledge, management experience and practical skills, which are desirable or necessary for the fulfillment of his / her duties, taking into account the main directions of activity, strategy of NPC “UKRENERGO” (if any);

    copy of a criminal record certificate of a competent authority of the country of residence;

    • copy of references and other documents at his / her discretion.

    The applicant is personally liable for accuracy of the submitted documents and information.

    The applicant should be ready to pass interview with Supervisory Board also in English.

    Financial and economic data on NPC “UKRENERGO” website.

    The applicant for the position of CEO has to meet the following requirements:

    • have university degree (Management or Economics) and Business Administration or other relevant field with a solid understanding of complex engineering matters, or university degree in engineering with a deep understanding of management and economics, and leadership skills based on practical experience in significant scaled organizations
    • have trackable successful experience in top positions of companies or state institutions in the course of its transformation caused by market changes, such as market liberalization, etc., as well as cross border operations;
    • have applied different project management tools and agile approaches that could be applicable in the context of complexity and uncertainty of the current CEO role candidate is applying for;
    • successful experience in building trustworthy relationship with owner and regulator, as well as international investors, institutions, regulators will be considered as advantage; developing both public and governmental relationships on local and international levels;
    • have a good understanding and appreciation of corporate governance principles and values;
    • have dealt with Ukrainian or eastern European markets in transition period;
    • have impeccable reputation, follow high ethical standards and be honest and transparent;
    • have no criminal record and with the ability to hold the position.

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