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  • After reconstruction, SS 330 kV Novokyivska, a strategic for Kyiv substation, will become the most technologically advanced substation in the central region

    The 330 kV Novokyivska substation undergoes the active phase of reconstruction, and once it is finished the substation will become the most technologically advanced facility of the 330 kV transmission system in the central region.  This will be made possible due to the efficient design solution and the state-of-the-art equipment.

    “The key element of the project is the replacement of obsolete equipment of 330, 110 KV outdoor switchgear and the use of structurally new gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), which will improve the reliability and reduce the maintenance costs. Besides, at the substation the old transformer (AT-2) will be replaced and an additional new transformer AT-3 (200 MVA) will be installed, thereby gaining the substation capacity up to 600 MVA”, commented Oleh Pavlenko, Investment Director of NPC Ukrenergo.

    This strategically important substation plays a significant role in the Integrated Power System of Ukraine ensuring power transmission from Khmelnitska and Rivnenska NPPs to the central region and power supply to most of Kyiv and a part of Kyiv Oblast.

    The reconstruction project was developed in such a way that new GIS buildings are built on the free territory of the substation and therefore are not interfering with its operation. This also shortens the construction time and causes no major changes to the operation of the power centre. The scope of reconstruction will include the installation of 330, 110 kV GIS equipment made by Siemens, a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment.  Such gas-insulated switchgear does not require constant presence of service personnel and has high operational reliability. In addition, as distinct from traditional 330, 110 kV outdoor switchgear occupying 4.5 hectares, the 330, 110 kV GIS will be located in two buildings having in total only 1,902 m2. The substation will be also equipped with the automated process control system (APCS) enabling the full-fledged remote monitoring and control of its equipment.

    The facility will be reconstructed as three start-up complexes: 1 – construction of 330 kV GIS with reconnection of OHL 330 kV; 2 – construction of 110 kV GIS with installation of AT-3 and its connection to 330 kV GIS and 110 kV GIS; and 3 – relocation of АТ-1, dismantling of old АТ-2 and installation of new АТ-2 with reconnection of OHL 110 kV.

    “The uninterruptible operation of the substation during the period of OHL reconnection and AT-3 connection will be ensured through the simultaneous power supply to 330, 110 kV GIS equipment and the existing equipment of 330, 110 kV outdoor switchgear. Considering the magnitude of work, we expect that the substation reconstruction will be finished by the end of 2021”, advised Oleksii Kondel, Project Manager.

    Now, at the substation the 330 kV GIS building is already finished and 330 kV GIS equipment is being installed. The construction of the 110 kV GIS building is near completion, new line entrances are installed and connected to five 330 kV OHLs that connect the substation with Trypilska TPP (2 lines), Kyivska CHPP-5, SS 750 kV Kyivska and SS 330 kV Nyvky, other equipment is in the process of installation. The oil collector for new auto-transformer is mounted and new AT-3 for 200 MVA is installed, works are ongoing to construct 110 kV cable lines.

    The reconstruction project is developed by the Souyzenergoproject LLC Institute and is implemented as part of the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2) funded out of loan proceeds of the IBRD. The general contractor is the JV of “Soyuz” Corporation (Ukraine) and “Soyuzkomplekt” Company (Kazakhstan). 

    New AT-3

    330 kV line entrances and towers for 330 kV gas-insulated wires

    330 kV GIS Building


    330 kV GIS equipment being prepared for installation inside 330 kV GIS Building

    110 kV GIS Building

    110 kV GIS Building is being prepared for equipment installation

    GIS manufactured by Siemens

    Auxiliary package transformer substation КТПБ-38.5 kV

    For information:

    SS 330 kV Novokyivska with transformer capacity of 400 MVA was built in 1964. The substation has 7 connections for 330 kV and 15 connections for 110 kV. The reconstruction of its 330 kV, 110 kV outdoor switchgear is necessitated by the growing demand for electricity in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast. Two auto-transformers of the substation in autumn and winter time are loaded to 100-105% thus creating risks for the reliable operation of equipment and the grid. Given the steady upward trend in consumption in the metropolitan area and the wear of substation equipment, the substation reconstruction with its capacity enhancement was included into the Ten-Year Transmission System Development Plan.


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