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  • 330 kV “Kremenchuk” substation is now equipped with advanced gas-insulated switchgear units

    The necessary buildings are constructed and the equipment of complete gas-insulated switchgear units (GIS) for 330 and 150 kV is now installed at the 330 kV “Kremenchuk” substation.  The new GIS units manufactured by the South Korean company Hyosung will replace the obsolete equipment of outdoor switchgear units for 330 and 150 kV, which has expired its service life and is now technologically obsolete (the substation was built in 1975). The reconstruction will largely improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in some areas of Poltava region. In particular, the 330 kV “Kremenchuk” substation is an important source of the transmission system that delivers power to consumers of Kremenchuk power centre and its reliable operation is essential for such industrial facilities as Poltava and Yeristovo Mining and Processing Plants, Kremenchuk Oil Refinery, and the regional branch of Southern Railway.

    The new GIS units have a factory-guaranteed service life of 25 years and a long turnaround interval. Also, as distinct from existing outdoor switchgear units, which in total occupy almost 10 hectares, the new GIS units due to their compact size are located in only two buildings with a total area of ​​about 2000 square meters and do not require the constant presence of service personnel. This will significantly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and operation. If necessary, Ukrenergo will be installing GIS units of the appropriate voltage class to replace traditional switchgear units at other substations as part of their reconstruction.

    Also, under the project, the substation will be equipped with an automated process control system (APCS), which will enable the remote control of the substation equipment from the central dispatch control centre.

    Currently, the substation has necessary buildings constructed, GIS equipment for 330 and 150 kV installed and tested, all switching devices for 150 and 330 kV adjusted, and GIS cable structures and service areas installed. 4 out of 8 sets of gas-insulated lines for 330 kV are installed, 2 of the 4 line portal supports are mounted at the 330 kV switchgear.

    Installation of cable routes, construction of foundations and metal structures for portal supports and equipment is ongoing. In progress are the installation and connection of power and control cables, installation and setup of panels of automation relay protection, as well as other activities under the project.

    It is planned that in early 2021 the installed equipment will be adjusted under the supervision of the designated engineering representative from the GIS manufacturing plant. The next step will be the switch of OHL and connection of the transformer equipment to new 330, 150 kV GIS units. The work completion is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

    The reconstruction design is developed by Pro-Energy LLC, the general contractor is the consortium of Posco Daewoo Corporation —Hyosung Corporation (Korea) — Horos LLC (Ukraine) chosen based on the international tendering process. The activities are carried out under the contract for “Technical re-equipment of 330 kV “Kremenchuk” substation”.

    The reconstruction of switchgear units at the 330 kV “Kremenchuk” substation is part of the programme for substations automation and is implemented under the Second Power Transmission Project funded with loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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