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  • 2020-2029 Transmission system development plan discussed at Ukrenergo 

    Earlier today Ukrenergo held an open discussion of the draft plan for the development of the transmission system for 2020-2029 (hereinafter referred as the Development Plan). 

    The discussion centred around the topics of how the main and intergovernmental electricity grids will develop in the next decade, taking into account the pace of development of the “green” generation and integration into ENTSO-E, as well as the forecast of Ukrenergo’s investment in the grid. The meeting was attended by generating companies, executive bodies, National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (the regulator), transmission system operators, equipment manufacturers, as well as industry associations, public and scientific associations and the media.

    Presentation of the Development Plan mentioned that the document was developed on the basis of the Report on the assessment of adequacy (sufficiency) of generating facilities and takes into account the updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, plans for the development of electricity distribution system operators, as well as adjacent power transmission systems. In drafting the Development Plan seven scenarios have been developed and analyzed based on different options of energy sector development, national economy on the whole, strategic goals of the company and implementation of international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    “According to our calculations, by 2029 Ukrenergo, besides the reconstruction of substations and operating lines, will have to build 3.8 thousands km of new transmission lines and increase the transformer substation capacity by more than 10%. Already in 2019-2021, the total investment needs are about 38 billion UAH. Key projects apply to the ensuring the East of Ukraine consumers  reliability, eliminating the bottlenecks in the system, and ensuring the requirements of the power system reliability and safety for the possibility of integration into ENTSO-E,” said Oleksii Brecht, Deputy CEO and COO at Ukrenergo.

    In particular, reconstruction projects of intergovernmental interconnectors, which are included in the list of projects of mutual interest (Project of mutual interest – PMI), approved by the Council of Ministers of the Energy Community, will be implemented within the framework of integration into ENTSO-E. These include the rehabilitation of OHL 400 kV Mukacheve – Velke Kapushany (Slovakia) with a 30% increased capacity of transmission lines, and 750 kW OHL Yuzhno-Ukrainska NPP – Isakcha (Romania) with the construction of a 400 kW wing on a 750 kW Prymorska SS with an increase in cross-border transmission capacity up to 1200 MW. Technical solutions for the project implementation are currently under development. There was a significant progress in the implementation of the Development Plan in 2018. In particular, in the part of the grid rehabilitation, replacement of power equipment introducing modern technologies, which ensured the implementation of 2018 Investment Programme at 95%. The meeting resulted in attendees supporting the Development Plan drafted by Ukrenergo. At the same time, the company requested the regulator (NEURC) to speed up the approval of the Report on the assessment of adequacy (sufficiency) of generating facilities, underlying the Development Plan, which was submitted to the Regulator for approval at the end of last year.


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