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    In this section, we offer the most interesting materials about Ukrenergo and the company’s top managers: articles, interviews, expert opinions.

    We are always open to a dialogue with the press, and participate in all important events for the energy sector.

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    “Green-coal paradox” of Ukrainian energy

    25.05.2019 Ukrenergo’s CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk offered insight into the reverse side of the fast development of “the green energy”, the responsibility for the outcomes of its influence on power system and electricity prices, the company’s stance on the timing of the electricity market’s kick-off, the risks of adopting the tariff for Ukrenergo without taking into account the market realities, etc.

    Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnya

    CEO of the RTE-International Nicolas Breham: success factors of the integration of the Ukrainian power system into the European one are the primary reserves and the fulfillment of the ENTSO-E’s requirements

    12.02.2019 Exclusive interview of the RTE-International’s CEO Nicolas Breham for information agency “Interfax-Ukraine”

    Sourcse: Interfax-Ukraine.

    Chair of Ukrenergo’s Supervisory Board Sevki Acuner: Some old school politicians and officials may try to interfere in the work of state companies

    12.11.2018 Chair of Ukrenergo’s Supervisory Board Sevki Acuner told RBC-Ukraine about the first meeting of the Supervisory Board, how to counteract political pressure on the state company, and what would be the strategy of the power system operator in the nearest future.

    Source: RBC-Ukraine 

    Ukrenergo plans to launch the first testing of software for ensuring the new market operation in December

    21.08.2018 “We plan to launch the testing of the first modules in December. This is what the law requires and this is what our plan stipulates. The second phase of testing will take place in February… The contract (with software developers, namely IP Systems, Smart Tech and Siemens, – Ed.) was signed on 19 July.”


    Ukrenergo CEO: Integration into the European power system will take 11 billion UAH

    17.08.2018 Ukrenergo CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk on changes within the company, transparent tenders and importance of the Supervisory Board.


    Bound by a single network. Will Ukraine manage to make green energy truly environmental?

    12.06.2018 Green energy is booming in Ukraine. Alternative generation projects are attractive for investments. However, it will be necessary to increase thermal capacities and build accumulating substations to ensure its further development.

    Source: Focus

    One year before the beginning/the end of light

    25.05.2018. Less and less time is left before the implementation of a new market model defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Electrivity Market.” One of the key issues of reforming relates to the establishment of a Transmission System Operator (TSO) for electricity on the basis of Ukrenergo.

    Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

    Goodbye, oblenergo! Ukrainians will choose electricity suppliers themselves

    29.03.2018 In 2019 each Ukrainian will be able to independently choose a supplier of electricity – with the lowest prices and the highest quality, having waived the services of a monopolist-oblenergo.

    Source: Glavcom

    Green and coal paradox. Why did the “clean” energy in Ukraine hit an iron ceiling

    27.03.2018 In recent years, Ukraine has been in the world trend of increasing the share of energy from renewable energy sources – new solar and wind stations were built in the country, and everyone thought that this would continue until the “green” energy became the main producer.

    Source: Delovaya Stolitsa

    “Green” energy boom in Ukraine: where and how many wind mills and solar panels are to be constructed

    19.02.2018 In March-April 2018 the NPC “Ukrenergo” will provide a detailed report on the technical capability of the renewables development in the regions of Ukraine.


    Ukraine Power Distributor Plans Cyber Defense System for $20 Million

    6.02.2018 KIEV — Ukraine’s state-run power distributor Ukrenergo, a leading target for cyber attacks in the past two years, will invest up to $20 million in a new cyber defense system, its chief executive said on Tuesday.

    Source: The New York Times

    What`s behind the socket: Ukrenergo`s dispatch center as it is

    4.01.2018 The EP journalist spent a day with the “Ukrenergo” dispatchers being responsible for the light in the houses. What do they do every day? Why are they called the “invisible conductors”? 

    Source: Ekonomichna Pravda

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk: “My goal is to make Ukrenergo one of the most dynamic transmission system operators in Eastern Europe”

    This year, Ukrenergo has become a driver of some fundamental changes in the energy sector of Ukraine. Ukrenergo’s Acting CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk dwells on European integration initiatives, new rules of the game on the energy market, informs about results and plans.

    Source:  TerminaL

    Ukrenergo CEO Kovalchuk: “My team is Ukrenergo’s main asset. And it is definitely a driver of reform in the power industry”

    16.11.2017 Vsevolod Kovalchuk has managed the state-owned National Energy Company Ukrenergo, one of the key enterprises in the country’s power industry, for two years as “temporarily acting” chairman. By the standards of Ukrenergo, he is one of the longest serving in this post, and during these two years he experienced many uneasy events, particularly a transformer scandal, several searches, and two difficult heating seasons.

    Source: Interfax-Ukraine

    High voltage. Attention of Prosecutor General’s Office to Ukrenergo jeopardises international projects

    25.07.17. The operational activity on the projects financed by international donors has been blocked for almost two weeks.

    Source: Focus

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk: 30 key managers of the company will be tested on a lie detector

    24.07.17. Glavcom applied to CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk with a request to comment on the claims filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office and shed light on the information published on the corporate website regarding the persons allegedly interested in riding financial flows.
    Source: Glavcom

    CEO of Ukrenergo: I think that those “humiliated and offended” submitted enormous volumes of false information en masse

    20.07.17. Vsevolod Kovalchuk gave an exclusive interview to Biz.Censor, sharing his own assumptions about who could initiate investigative actions against Ukrenergo and against him personally, and responding to the claims regarding his work, recently heard in the media space.
    Source: Biz.Censor

    European integration revenge: the power system of Ukraine will be integrated into ENTSO-E

    07.07.17. Ukrainians will select an electricity supplier at their own discretion – the prices will fall by 30%.

    Source: Glavcom

    Coordinators of Ukrenergo Laboratories on the prospects of young Ukrainian scientists in the energy sector

    20.06.17. The team talked to the project coordinator and the founder of Kharkiv Energy Cluster Stanislav Ihnatiev and PR manager Elina Medynska on an ambitious project called Ukrenergo Laboratories and the prospects of the Ukrainian energy sector.


    The EU and the majority of other countries had been running this path for decades – CEO of Ukrenergo

    19.06.17. Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo, told about how the lives of ordinary citizens would change after the entry into force of a new law on electricity market.

    Source: Novoye Vremya

    CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk was rated Top-3 Top Managers by Focus Magazine

    26.05.2017. Magazine FOCUS drew up a list of the best top managers in 11 key industries of the Ukrainian economy.

    CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk was among Top-3 in the industrial sector and a fuel and energy complex.
    “They all share a common feature: the ability to ensure development under complicated conditions,” noted “FOCUS” (No. 21 (528) dated 26.05.17).
    Source: Focus

    The IPS of Ukraine will receive almost UAH 535 billion of investments by 2026

    14.04.17. The relevant assessment was specified in the draft Development Plan for the IPS of Ukraine for 2017-2026. Public discussions regarding the issue took place on 13 April at SS 750 kV “Kyivska.”

    Source: Energy Terminal 

    Why energy sector should have its own visa-free regime

    10.04.17 A few MPs try to keep status quo. Definitely, for their own benefit. For the benefit of oligarchic groups desiring to continue earning a monopoly margin.

    Source: Ekonomichna Pravda

    On coal. How a protracted state of emergency threatens the energy sector

    23.02.17. CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk on why Ukraine is not ready to terminate coal supplies from Donbas.

    Source: Focus

    F.A.Q. on TPP and CHPP: who will be disconnected due to blockade and coal deficit

    23.02.17. A list of prerequisites for the energy sector of Ukraine required under the conditions of a protracted crisis and the state of emergency in the industry.


    Heat burden. Vsevolod Kovalchuk on why “Rotterdam +” does not work

    13.02.17 CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk on why “Rotterdam +” does not work, how Europe can help and how electric cars will release us from the dependence on coal supplied from uncontrolled territories.


    Ukrenergo: “Each saved hryvnia today means a delayed increase in the tariff tomorrow”

    26.11.16. As never before, Ukrenergo today needs radical changes, including those in the field of procurement and communications.


    Alternating current investments

    22.11.16. Despite the prolonged bloodshed with Russia in Donbas, Ukrainian energy sector manages not only to maintain stability, but also to become more reliable in supplying electricity to consumers.

    Source: UNIAN