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    The transmission system operator (“NPC “Ukrenergo”) performs the functions of the Settlements Administrator (Article 52 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”).

    In the part of ensuring the electricity market operation, the Settlements Administrator:

    – registers market participants, balance responsible parties and balancing services providers and maintains the relevant registers on an ongoing basis;

    – administers the databases of contractual sale and purchase volumes and actual volumes of output and/or consumption, and/or export, and/or import of electricity by market participants;

    – calculates prices and volumes of electricity imbalances, payments for electricity between the transmission system operator and balancing services providers on the balancing market;

    – calculates payments for ancillary services purchased by the transmission system operator;

    – discloses information and publishes data on the transmission system operator’s website and relevant platforms, as provided by the current legislation and international obligations of Ukraine, provides information to the Regulator and market participants.


    Clarification on the reorganization of SE NPC Ukrenergo and the succession of PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo

    The newly created PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo is the successor in title to all property rights and obligations of SE NPC Ukrenergo.

    The relevant provision is contained in the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine of 29.07.2019  №321 (paragraph 10, 14), which converted state enterprise NPC Ukrenergo into a private joint stock company (PrJSC) with 100% stock owned by the state.

    At the same time, according to part 1, Article 104 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, after the reorganization (transformation) of a legal entity, its property, rights and obligations are transferred to its successors.

    NPC Ukrenergo charter can be found on the company’s website and directly at this link.

    Clarification on the use of NPC Ukrenergo seal

    According to paragraph 3.5 of its  charter, PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo does not use a seal on its documents. Part 1, Article 581 of the Economic Code of Ukraine gives such a right. Thus, the documents of NPC Ukrenergo shall enter into force upon signature by the authorized person, unless otherwise provided in such document.


    Information on financial settlements of electricity market participants

    In accordance with paragraphs 1.10.5 and 1.1.16 of the Market Rules, this is to inform you that, as per Resolution No. 140 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 27.02.2019 “On Determination of Authorised Bank for Electricity Market”, Public Joint Stock Company State Savings Bank of Ukraine is appointed as the bank authorized to serve current accounts with a special regime for the use of the electricity market.


    Account for transferring financial guarantees

    NPC Ukrenergo has opened a current account for transferring guarantees in the authorized bank:

    Name of the bank: Public Joint Stock Company State Savings Bank of Ukraine

    Bank code: 300465

    Current account: UA933004650000026003306813715

    EDRPOU code of the recipient: 00100227

    Purpose of payment: “ Guarantee fee on financial liabilities under the agreement on regulation of power imbalances. Without VAT”.

    Bank guarantee requirements to be used when issuing the bank guarantee to NPC Ukrenergo.

    Form of the bank guarantee.

    Please note that in the case of failure to provide the power of attorney of the person issuing the bank guarantee, as well as in the case of providing a bank guarantee not on the letterhead of the respective bank, bank guarantees will not be accepted for consideration.


    The originals of bank guarantees are accepted from 08:00 till 17:00 at the office of market participants registration at 27 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv.

    For advice on the activities of the Settlements Administrator regarding settlements payments in the electricity market, settlements of the amount of financial guarantees and ways to provide guarantees, the operation of the MMS system in terms of settlements, billing, financial transactions in the balancing market and the imbalances segment, please contact on weekdays (from 08:00 till 17:00) by phone 073-426-32-12 or 073-426-74-32.


    ATTENTION! On July 29, 2019, state enterprise National Power Company Ukrenergo was terminated by conversion into a private joint-stock company National Power Company Ukrenergo (abbreviated NPC Ukrenergo).

    Charter of PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo

    Information about the reorganization can be found here.