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    Important notice for the generating companies!

    If your power plant (resource unit of generation) is connected to two or more different grids or to another power plant, and there is electricity transit, here is what you should do:

    1. Register an intermediate metering area (Y-code EIC)
    2. Register an “Exchange” CMP, connecting the intermediate metering area with neighbouring grids (one per each grid) (Z- code EIC)
    3. Register a resource power facility (appropriate number of resource facilities, if the TSO requires dividing into bus systems) (W-code EIC)
    4. Register a “Generation” CMP, connecting the intermediate metering area with resource units of the power plant (Z-code EIC)

    The updated registration manual can be found here, and in the explanation of registration procedure below.


    Application for registration*

    Statement for additional information*



    You can get information on the registration of market participants in the Market management system (MMS), the list of required supporting documents, as well as on the issues of conducting and organising Ukrenergo workshops on the work of the MMS platform, etc., at the Single Window (044) 238-37-00 by phone or by e-mail