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    In order to identify the processes, objects and participant of the energy market, ENTSO-E developed a coding system EIC (Energy Identification Coding). The goal of this system is to guarantee harmonised electronic data exchange among market participants acting in different markets (e.g. electricity and gas), while transmission system operators (TSOs) have to exchange data using EIC codes with other TSOs as well as with the market participants themselves. Therefore, the coding scheme allows coding different objects in the energy market, namely market participants (TSOs, consumers, producers, suppliers, parties responsible for balancing, etc.), grid elements (generation units, interstate crossings, transmission system elements, transformers, etc.), commercial metering points and metering areas, etc.

    The coding is organised at two levels:

    • CIO (Central Issuing Office) issues EIC codes to the Local Issuing Offices (LIOs) and EIC codes for transmission system operators and areas, as well as manages these codes.
    • LIOs (Local Issuing Office) act as agents of the CIO by issuing EIC codes to different entities in line with their requests.

    In accordance with Resolution of the NEURC No. 459 dated 19.06.2018, the functions of LIO are transferred from SE Energorynok to PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo.

    As the LIO in the power sector, PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo has code 62 in the List of all LIO available at the website of ENTSO-E.


    Explanatory statement

    To market participants, who have several EIC codes of type X

    The energy market participants, who have previously received several EIC codes of type X, have to deactivate one of them, by applying to the appropriate Local Issuing Office (LIO), whose functions in Ukraine accomplish PrJSC NPC «Ukrenergo» and «Urktransgaz» Ltd (including gas distribution companies). This is provided by the requirements of ENTSO-E The Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC) Reference Manual (hereinafter-Manual), that prohibits more than one EIC code of type X for one economic entity.

    These requirements are due to the fact that according to mentioned Manual the energy market is considered to be a united platform where the trading operations with all types of energy products and energy (gas, electricity, fuel etc.) are accomplished simultaneously. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that EIC codes of type X, previously issued by «Ukrtransgaz» Ltd (including gas distribution companies) and other LIOs, are valid for the electricity market participants.

    According to the Manual, in case of identifying two codes of type X of one economic entity by LIO, it is authorized to inform the market participant in writing of the extant violation and to ask for correction.

    Unless the violation is corrected, LIO is authorized to suspend the code issued by it and then to deactivate it.

    If you require further information concerning deactivation of EIC code, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: (044) 238-33-97, or by mail