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    Dear participants of the balancing market and the ancillary services market!

    In execution of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”, starting from 11 December 2018, Ukrenergo launched test transactions of the sale and purchase of electricity through the test platform of the balancing market and the ancillary services market called Market Management System.

    Important notice for the generating companies!

    If your power plant (resource unit of generation) is connected to two or more different grids or to another power plant, and there is electricity transit, here is what you should do:

    1. Register an intermediate metering area (Y-code EIC)
    2. Register an “Exchange” CMP, connecting the intermediate metering area with neighbouring grids (one per each grid) (Z- code EIC)
    3. Register a resource power facility (appropriate number of resource facilities, if the TSO requires dividing into bus systems) (W-code EIC)
    4. Register a “Generation” CMP, connecting the intermediate metering area with resource units of the power plant (Z-code EIC)


    The updated registration manual can be found here, and in the explanation of registration procedure below.

    To get information regarding modelling, please call:  +380 (44) 238-3163


    Communication channels

    Draft Technical Specifications to build communication channels for the exchange of technical information between the TSO and the customers of the transmission/distribution system:

    Draft Technical Specifications to build communication channels for the exchange of technical information between the TSO and the customers of the transmission/distribution system



    You can get information on the registration of market participants in the Market management system (MMS), the list of required supporting documents, as well as on the issues of conducting and organising Ukrenergo workshops on the work of the MMS platform, etc., at the Single Window (044) 238-37-00 by phone or by e-mail


    Application for registration*

    Statement for additional information*

    How to fill in the sections:

    Section 1 Section 2, Section 3Section 4Section 5Section 6Section 7Section 8Section 9Section 10Section 11Section 12.*

    According to paragraph 4.1.5 of the Market Rules, “The balancing market is managed by the TSO individually for each synchronous zone of the IPS of Ukraine defined by the TSO”.

    Market rules determine that the Zone is a separate balancing zone defined by synchronous regulatory areas. In this way, different parts of the grid should be understood as separate parts of the grid that do not have physical connections, and therefore no electricity flow between them is possible. The Transmission Network Code defines two areas of regulation: Burshtynska TPP and the IPS of Ukraine, which are, respectively, two separate balancing zones.

    Burshtynska TPP electricity network is disconnected from the main network of the IPS of Ukraine by dismantling current-carrying parts in the cells of open-type switchgear 220-330-750kV at Zakhidnoukrainska SS and Stryi SS, as well as in 110kV network with implementation of automatic emergency control that prevents false non-synchronous switching on. Burshtynska TPP has been working synchronously with the integrated continental European countries (now ENTSO-E) since 2002.  The limits of Burshtyn island are determined in the Contract on the long-term separation of the southwestern part of the IPS of Ukraine from the main part of the Ukrainian power system.

    Due to the lack of electrical connections between the zones, the purchase or sale of electricity is carried out separately in each zone. Accordingly, the balancing of these zones is performed separately from each other, so the price is formed independently from each other.

    Consumer load coverage of Burshtynska TPP is carried out within Zakarpattia, partially Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions, mainly due to Burshtynska TPP and with the participation of Kaluska TPP, Drohobytska TPP, Tereble-Ritska HPP and some other RES power plants.

    Draft Guidelines on the submission and publication of electricity market data*

    Agreement on the data transfer to ENTSO-E Transparency Platform between SE NPC Ukrenergo, primary data owner and data provider*

    Please submit your comments and proposals regarding the draft document by 25.01.2019 in paper at the address of NPC Ukrenergo: 25 Symona Petliury St., Kyiv, 01032, or electronically: In case of any questions, please call: (044) 238-34-72.

    Public discussions will be held on 31 January 2019 from 15:00 to 17:00 at the address: 25 Symona Petliury St., Kyiv, Room 232.

    Consultations on registration of market participants on Market management system (MMS) platform, a list of supporting documents required for it, and the information on MMS platform can be obtained by contacting the Single Window office by phone (044) 238-37-00 or e-mail

    *Available only in UA.