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  • Commercial Metering Administrator

    The transmission system operator (PrJSC NPC Ukrenergo) performs the functions of the Commercial Metering Administrator (Article 53 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”).
    In part of ensuring the organisation of the electricity market operation, the Commercial Metering Administrator performs the following functions:
    – administers relations on the electricity commercial metering through the development of drafts of appropriate statutory documents, their implementation in the existing legal framework, control over their observance by market participants and commercial metering services providers, settlement of disputes and supervision of the state of commercial metering in the electricity market;
    – establishes and manages the centralised registers of commercial metering services providers, metering areas and commercial metering points;
    – establishes and manages the centralised electricity commercial metering database Datahub;
    – prepares commercial metering data, including estimated data, receives validated data from commercial metering services providers, defines its adequacy for using, profiling and preparing certified data and performs central aggregation of commercial metering data;
    – provides the Settlements Administrator, market participants and other authorised parties with the electricity commercial metering data;
    – performs other functions envisaged by the Commercial Metering Code.