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  • Commercial Metering Administrator

    The transmission system operator (NPC Ukrenergo) performs the functions of the Commercial Metering Administrator (Article 53 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”).

    In terms of ensuring the organisation of the electricity market operation, the commercial metering administrator undertakes to:

    – manage relations on commercial electricity metering by drafting relevant regulations, introducing them into the regulatory field, monitoring their observance by market participants and providers of commercial metering services, resolving disputes, monitoring the state of commercial metering in the electricity market;

    – create and manage centralised registers of providers of commercial metering services, metering areas and commercial metering points;

    – create and manage centralised databases of commercial metering of electricity Datahab;

    – prepare commercial metering data, including the evaluation data, obtain validated data from providers of commercial metering services, determe their suitability for use, profile, form certified data, perform central aggregation of commercial metering data;

    – provide data on commercial metering of electricity to the Settlement Administrator, market participants and other authorised parties;

    – perform other functions envisaged by the Commercial Metering Code.

    In case you need to obtain information on the formation and upload of commercial metering data, operation of the MMS system, resolution of problems falling within the competence of the Commercial Metering Administrator, please contact us on business days (from 08:00 to 17:00) by phone: (073) 427-80-95 or (073) 427-81-33.

    The functions of provision of commercial metering services directly to consumers, including the organisation of metering at the sites of metering (measurement) of consumers, formation of verified data of commercial metering, its aggregation by metering areas and transfer to CMA are performed by providers of commercial metering services (PCMS), the list of which can be found here.