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    In accordance with Article 68 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”, there is a single balancing market in Ukraine.

    In the balancing market, the transmission system operator will:

    1) purchase and sell electricity to balance the volume of supply and demand of electricity within the current day;

    2) purchase and sell electricity to settle electricity imbalances of the parties responsible for the balance.

    Regulatory and legal principles of the Balancing Market and the Ancillary Services Market are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market.” In order to implement the provisions of the Law, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine approved the main secondary legislation, namely:

    To participate in BM auctions, a market participant must obtain access to the BM auction platform. To do this, a potential BM participant must be included in the Register of balancing services provides. Accession to the agreement on the provision of balancing services, a standard form of which is given in Appendix 7 of the Market Rules, serves as a basis for inclusion in the Register.

    Auctions on the Balancing Market are held daily. The gate opens at 16:00 D-1 and closes 45 minutes before the start of the settlement period for which delivery is to be made.

    This video tutorial* is intended for balancing market participants. Its purpose is to acquaint users with the new functionality of submitting step-by-step proposals for balancing electricity in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs 4.11.2. and 4.11.3. of the Market rules. The document reflects the process of submitting applications for balancing electricity, containing steps, using the insert functionality of EXCEL in the MMS system (in terms of the auction platform).

    Contacts of 24/7 support service of the auction platform: tel.: +38 (073) 425-02-38

    *Available only in Ukkrainian