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  • Ukrenergo has signed a contract with Chinese XIAN ELECTRIC ENGINEERING for reconstruction of ss RIVNE and ss KALUSH

    NPC Ukrenergo has signed a contract with Xian Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (People’s Republic of China) for the reconstruction of two substations of Zakhidna power system (Zakhidna PS) — 330 kV Rivne and 220 kV Kalush. The contract value – 26.98 mln euros (without VAT).

    Xian Electric Engineering was recognized as the winner of the international competitive bidding for Lot №1 of “Reconstruction of Zakhidna PS substations” package. There were 15 tendering companies from China, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Korea, and Ukraine.

    The project envisages a comprehensive reconstruction of substations, with the replacement of power equipment and the implementation of an automated process control system. In addition, the peculiarity of the reconstruction will be the installation of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) of the appropriate voltage class. If necessary, Ukrenergo will continue to use this technical solution as an alternative to existing traditional switchgear. GIS advantages are extraordinary compactness, speed of installation, and high operational reliability. Due to the quarantine measures, the Contract was signed remotely with the subsequent exchange of original documents.

    The reconstruction of SS 330 kV Rivne and SS 220 kV Kalush will be carried out within the framework of one of the components of the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2), which is financed by loans from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).


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