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  • Ukrenergo approved the Corporate ethics code

    Ukrenergo has published its Corporate Ethics Code. The day before, the document was approved by the Company’s Supervisory Board.

    The Corporate Ethics Code is a fundamental document that regulates the standards of conduct in the interaction of Ukrenergo employees. It is an effective tool to prevent violations as well as to resolve conflicts. Its requirements are mandatory for all employees of the Company, regardless of their position.

    Ukrenergo’s Corporate Ethics Code consolidates the Company’s values and

    basic rules of conduct in the following areas

    ·         Good faith performance and compliance with the law

    ·         Prohibition of discrimination, harassment, and violence

    ·         Prevention of conflict of interest

    ·         Anti-corruption

    ·         Corporate social responsibility

    ·         Occupational safety



    ·         Procurement, monopoly status and fair competition

    ·         Accounting, financial reports, and information disclosure

    ·         Liaison with governmental authorities, and political activity

    ·         Use of the Company’s assets and resources

    ·         Relations with mass media

    ·         Protection of personal data and confidential information


    “The Corporate Ethics Code is a common practice in European companies, including system operators — members of the ENTSO-E. One of its main tasks is to regulate relations within the Company in such a way as to eliminate any discrimination against employees and ensure equal treatment of all, regardless of their position, gender, etc. Based on these principles we must take all decisions on the work of the Company and its employees, said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Acting CEO of NPC Ukrenergo.

    “The cornerstone of Ukrenergo’s corporate culture is integrity. The public confidence in the Company, its reputation, and reliability — are the result of many years of work of Ukrenergo employees. The Corporate Ethics Code serves to preserve their achievements. That is why the Ethics Code should become an integral part of our daily work. It will help employees make the right decisions in difficult situations, as well as maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team, which is our competitive advantage,” stressed Hlib Bakalov, Compliance Officer—Commissioner for Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Programme of NPC Ukrenergo.


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