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  • Ukrenergo resumes auctions of capacity allocation in Ukraine–Belarus and Ukraine–Russia directions

    In implementation of the NEURC amendments to Resolution No. 766 of 8 April 2020 “On the Actions of Electricity Market Participants during the Quarantine Period and Restrictive Measures Related to the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”, NPC Ukrenergo resumes the monthly and daily auctions of access allocation at interconnection points in Ukraine–Russia and Ukraine–Belarus directions.

    In particular, the daily auction will be conducted for these directions on 18 June with the electricity delivery date 20 June, and the monthly auction for capacity allocation in July is scheduled to take place on 22–23 June. Details of the July monthly auction have already been published on the auction platform, taking into account the Regulator’s amendments to the relevant resolution.

    Thus, it will be again possible to export electricity from the trade area of the IPS of Ukraine to the countries that are not members of the Energy Community (Russia and Belarus).

    It will be recalled that Ukrenergo, in pursuance of the NEURC resolution mentioned above, on 12 April 2020 limited to 0 MW the capacity of Russia-Ukraine, Belarus-Ukraine, Ukraine-Belarus and Ukraine-Russia directions.


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