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  • Ukrenergo received the right to restrict RES connection to the grids when there is a threat to the operational security

    NPC Ukrenergo received the right to temporarily stop (restrict) the issue of technical conditions for grid connection of electrical installations of renewable energy sources (RES) if the operational security limits of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine are reached.

    It is stated in NEURC Resolution No. 1070 dated 3 June 2020 posted on the Regulator’s website. The document introduced changes to relevant provisions of the Transmission System Code.

    The restrictions may stay in force until the technical and market measures are implemented ensuring the adequate and sustainable operation of the power facilities and envisaged in the Generation Adequacy Report approved by the NEURC. The Transmission System Operator should approve the decision on restricting the issue of technical conditions for connection based on its criteria, which will be developed and published on the NPC Ukrenergo’s website in the coming months.

    As previously reported, the rapid increase of RES volumes calls for urgent measures of enhancing the power system flexibility. NPC Ukrenergo provides the following recommendations in the Generation Adequacy Report for this purpose:

    • To introduce the RES investors’ commitment to ensure for their power plants the construction of high-manoeuvre generation facilities or energy storage in the volumes corresponding to about 20% of the installed rated capacity of RES plants.
    • As soon as possible to introduce the RES responsibility for imbalances.
    • In 2021, to build 500 MW of maneuvre capacities with quick start and 200 MW of energy storage systems.
    • The volume of annual quotas supporting the entities that produce electricity from alternative energy sources should not exceed the capacity of the IPS of Ukraine for their full integration without the power output restriction.

    Also, NEURC Resolution No. 107  improved the procedure of amending the Transmission System Code (streamlined the procedure of proposals introduction and review), clarified the procedure of planning changes to the status of the transmission system equipment and users. The procedure of electricity demand and generation forecast was clarified too, in particular, it was specified what volumes of data should be provided by the users concerning their forecast electricity demand and generation for the operational forecast, and the timescales of such data provision.


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