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  • Power System Operation on 15 – 21 June 2020


    During the week of 15—21 June 2020, the electricity consumption level in the power system of Ukraine practically did not change compared to last week, both on business days and on weekends. In particular, the average daily consumption on business days went down by 0.4% compared to last week (360.3 million kWh versus 361.7 million kWh). However, it is still 6.6% less than in the same period of 2019 (385.6 million kWh). On weekend, the average daily consumption dropped by 1.5% compared to last week (341.2 million kWh versus 346.9 million kWh). In total, the consumption on 15—21 June 2020 (according to operational data) reached 2.4 billion kWh.

    The irregularity of the load schedule (the difference between the night minimum consumption and the highest peak of consumption during evening hours) on weekdays was 4.3—4.7 GW and on weekends — about 4 GW.

    RES Generation

    Daily electricity generation by solar and wind power plants (SPP and WPP) varied from 19 million kWh (21 June) to 33.3 million kWh (18 June). The total electricity generation by WPP and SPP compared to last week practically did not change and dropped only by 4.7% from 188 million kWh to 179 million kWh.

    The highest generation of WPPs was on 18 June — 9.3 million kWh, SPPs — on 17 June (25.5 million kWh).

    During the week there were no limitation dispatch instructions to WPPs and SPPs.

    In general, the SPP and WPP share in the electricity generation on 15—21 June made 7%, as opposed to 9% last week. At the same time, since the beginning of the month, WPPs have produced 137.8 million kWh, which is 9.3% more than the forecast balance, and SPPs — 507.2 million kWh, which is 7% less than the forecast balance.

    Electricity Surplus

    Over the last week, the average daily volume of electricity not sold to the final consumer averaged at about 56 million kWh. Those volumes were sold on the balancing market to the participants (producers) who, in accordance with the Market Rules, submitted downward offers (i.e., agreed to resell to their buyers/consumers someone else’s electricity instead of generating own electricity).

    NPP Generation

    The average daily generation at NPPs did not change compared to the values last week and reached 167.7 million kWh. NPPs total load during the week stayed at about 7 GW. Also, three nuclear power units were put on standby during all this time, three more power units were in repair, and 9 power units were in operation. The dispatch centre did not limit the NPP capacity.

    It should be noted that on 20 June at 17:36 personnel unloaded Unit 2 at Rivne NPP from 400 MW to 320 MW due to the shutdown of the main circulation pump (MCP) of 4A. The shutdown was necessitated by the temperature rise of the bearing.

    According to operational data, NPP total generation on 15—21 June was slightly more than 1.17 billion kWh. NPP share in the total generation structure remained unchanged — 46%.

    At the same time, on 18 June 18 NNEGC Energoatom had its first independent bidding in the bilateral contracts segment, having offered for sale almost 1.4 million MWh of base load in the trade area of the IPS of Ukraine with the supply in the period from 21 June to 31 December 2020. But the Company informs that the auction  has brought no result.

    Since the beginning of the month, nuclear generation has produced 3.5 billion kWh, which, same as in the previous week, almost does not exceed the forecast balance (+ 0.2%).

    HPP and TPP Generation

    The daily electricity generation by HPP on 15—21 June compared to last week increased by 6.6% from 19.7 million kWh to 21 million kWh. In total, during this period HPPs have produced almost 148 million kWh, and since the beginning of the month — 423.5 million kWh, which is 48.3% more than the forecast balance.

    During the week, HPPs have produced almost 28.9 million kWh, and since the beginning of the month — 72 million kWh, which is 18% less than the forecast balance.

    The total share of HPP and HPSPP generation on 15—21 June reached 7% (-1% compared to last week).

    On 17 June at 04:50 Hydraulic Unit 2 of Tashlykska HPSPP being part of NNEGC Energoatom’s production complex (operated in pump mode with the load of 215 MW) had emergency shutdown due to a failure of the unit controller.

    TPP electricity generation in the period from 15—21 June reached 805 billion kWh, since the beginning of the month the generated volume is 2.3 billion kWh, which is 4.6% higher than the forecast balance. TPP share in the total generation structure has not changed compared to last week — 32%.

    Last week for a number of reasons there were several disruptions of the export supply schedule at Dobrotvorska TPP along the 220 kV interstate overhead line to Zamost:

    • on 15 June at 22:00 — for 13 MWh due to coal “hang-ups” in raw coal bunkers;
    • on 18 June — exceeding the export supply schedule at 01:00 — 15 MWh, and at 02:00 — 26 MWh because Unit 7 was not warmed up and it was impossible to shutdown Unit 8.
    • on 20 June at 19:07 Unit 7 with 150 MW load was shut down. For this reason there was no export in the timeframe from 20:00 to 07:00 (21 June) for 1,263 MWh.
    • on 21 June the export supplies of 11 MWh were not delivered due to insufficient warm-up of the turbine of Unit 7.

    Available only in Ukrainian.

    Reserve Coverage

    During 15—21 June, the operation modes of the power system remained quite complicated. In the trade area of the IPS of Ukraine the demand for frequency containment reserves (FCR) was not covered because there were no offers for this type of reserves.

    The demand for frequency restoration reserve (FRR) was covered partially:

    • for the automatic frequency restoration reserve (aFRR) where the minimum demand is ±372 MW, the daily average coverage was about 50%. Reserves were bought for all hours of the day in the volumes from 83 MW to 320 MW. PrJSC Ukrhydroenergo covered reserves in the timeframe from 8:00 to 23:00, and Kurakhivska TPP — throughout the day.
    • the manual frequency restoration reserve (mFRR) with potential upward demand of 628 MW and downward demand of 49 MW was covered almost in full.

    In the trade zone of Burshtynska TPP Island the reserves, same as before, were not procured due to the absence of registered suppliers of ancillary services. It is to be recalled that NPC Ukrenergo is testing units of Burshtynska TPP for compliance with requirements to the ancillary services provider. On 9—12 June, Power Units No. 7 and No. 10 were tested for the provision of services of aFRR in the volume of 70 MW, mFRR in the volume of 70 MW and the replacement reserve in volume of 140 MW. In general, the plan is to test 11 power units of Burshtynska TPP for compliance with requirements to the ancillary services provider.


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